Schwinn IC4 Vs. Peloton Bike

The main difference between the Schwinn IC4 bike and the Peloton Original is that the Schwinn IC4 features a traditional LCD screen, while the Peloton Original comes with a 21.5 HD touchscreen.

The Schwinn IC4 and the Peloton Original bike are not exactly like for like, as one is a low-budget exercise bike and the other is a premium bike. Nonetheless, it is worth comparing the two bikes against each other.

That being said, let’s take an in-depth look at how the Schwinn IC4 and the Peloton Original fare against each other! But, before that, here is an overview of how both bikes compare.

FeaturesSchwinn IC4 BikePeloton Original Bike
Resistance level100 level100 level
Resistance TypeManual magneticManual magnetic
Max. User Weight330 Pounds297 Pounds
Dimensions48.7″ L × 21.2″ W × 51.8″ H59″L × 53″ H × 23″ W
Bike weight106 pounds135 pounds
DisplayLED metrics display21.5″ HD Touchscreen
Live classesNoYes
Built-in workoutsNoYes
On-demand ClassesNoYes
Membership cost (per month)Depends on app$39
Zwift compatibilityYesNo
PedalsDual sided SPSLook Delta
Handlebars4-Way adjustable2-Way adjustable
Schwinn IC4 vs Peloton Bike

Which Bike Has the Best Frame and Build Quality?

The Peloton Original and the Schwinn IC4 sport similar aesthetics; a polished black body with red accents. However, the Peloton Original is slightly more good-looking than the Schwinn 1C4, which favors functionality over aesthetics. For the record, both bikes are constructed out of steel which guarantees durability.

The biggest difference between the bikes in terms of frame and build quality is their weight and footprint. The Schwinn 1C4 weighs 106 pounds and needs a space that accommodates its 48.7″ L × 21.2″ W × 51.8″ H dimensions.

The Peloton is much bigger at 135 pounds and needs a space requirement of 59″L × 53″ H × 23″ W. Ultimately, the Peloton Original packs more weight and stability than the Schwinn IC4. However, the Schwinn 1C4’s lighter weight load makes it easier to transport or relocate.

Which Bike Has the Best Console and Workout App?

The Schwinn 1C4 bike comes with a traditional LCD screen that tracks workout statistics like calories, time, distance, RPM, and so on. On the contrary, the Peloton Original bike is equipped with a state-of-the-art 21.5 HD screen with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can stream live classes from this app, join a workout community and monitor your performance metrics. Also, you can adjust the Peloton’s screen to find a viewing angle that is convenient for your eyes.

The Schwinn IC4 comes with a free 1-month membership to the JRNY app. The app offers access to third-party apps like Zwift and the Peloton app, whereas the Peloton app doesn’t. The app also includes more programs than the Peloton Original. However, Peloton’s live and on-demand classes are more immersive.

Which Bike Has the Best Resistance and Drive Train?

Schwinn has upgraded its IC4 to include magnetic resistance, which is undoubtedly one of the best resistance systems out there. Peloton bikes have long used magnetic resistance, so it is no surprise that the Peloton Original has this feature.

Thanks to the magnetic resistance settings, both bikes offer a whisper-quiet and seamless riding experience. But by virtue of its heavier flywheel, the Schwinn 1C4 bike’s resistance feels more smooth and steady.

As far as drive train goes, there’s nothing significant to compare here as both bikes are engineered with a belt drive. And it is no news that Belt-driven systems are the best drive systems, owning to their low-noise volume, smooth-pedaling stroke, and low-maintenance rating.

Which Bike is More Adjustable?

The adjustability of an exercise bike directly impacts its comfort level. The Peloton Original bike comes with fully adjustable handlebars and seats, adjustable magnetic resistance, and an adjustable monitor.

You can adjust the resistance via a knob to suit your workout or ability. You can also adjust the seat and handlebar either vertically or horizontally to conform to your body’s anatomy. And you can adjust the screen to a comfortable eye level.

Like the Peloton Original, the Schwinn 1C4 bike also comes with adjustable resistance in 100 levels. The handlebars and seat also offer vertical and horizontal adjustments. On the downside, the screen isn’t adjustable like that of the Peloton Original.

Which Bike Has the Best Pedals?

The Schwinn 1C4 bike and the Peloton Original adopt different pedal and cleat styles. While the Schwinn IC4 features dual-link pedals with SPD cleats on one side and clipless toe cages on the other, the Peloton Original employs LOOK Delta cleats and pedals.

You’d need special cycling shoes compatible with Delta cleats to use the Peloton pedals. This means you’d have to buy these shoes directly from Peloton or another vendor, increasing the bike’s overall cost.

While Peloton gives you no choice other than Delta cleats, the Schwinn 1C4 offers a choice of using special shoes or any athletic shoes to clip in. The toe cages are in one word: convenient! Plus, it is more cost-effective!

Which Bike is Easier to Set Up?

The Peloton’s assembly is pretty straightforward. Most times, the company sends the bike almost completely assembled, so you don’t have to sweat it. Peloton’s delivery team is helpful at best; they’d walk you through the assembly and move the bike to its reserved spot.

On the other hand, the Schwinn IC4 arrives in a large yet narrow cardboard box. The box is quite heavy, so you’d need assistance to move the item. Nonetheless, its assembly isn’t a herculean task, provided you follow the attached instructions.

Attaching the pedals to the bike’s crankshaft is the most challenging part of the Schwinn 1C4 assembly. You’d have to tread with caution and strictly follow the directions therein to avoid damaging the pedals. The Peloton, in this case, is the easiest to assemble.

Which Bike is Cheaper?

This is one category that sets the Peloton Original apart from the Schwinn IC4 bike. The Peloton Original starts at $1,495, without a subscription fee and cycling shoes. Conversely, the Schwinn IC4 costs $999, a one-year subscription fee inclusive.

There is a huge price gap between both bikes, courtesy of Peloton’s premium features and Schwinn’s more basic ones. Though a low-budget bike, the Schwinn has a competitive advantage. Aside from its basic screen, it competes fair and square with the Peloton.

In a nutshell, you should opt for the Schwinn IC4 bike if you are looking to save money or want a no-frills screen. But if you want all the perks that come with a high-tech exercise bike, you should consider the Peloton Original.

Which Bike Has the Best Warranty?

A bike’s warranty says a lot about its lifespan and quality. The Schwinn 1C4 comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on the parts, and a year for labor. This warranty is impressive at best.

The Peloton Original offers a 12-month warranty on the HD touchscreen from the date of purchase, a five-year warranty on frame, a year warranty for all parts and components, and a year for labor.

Ultimately, both bikes offer fairly reasonable warranty coverage, but the Svhwinn’s 10-year warranty on frame beats that of the Peloton’s 5-year warranty. Overall, it is best to buy good-quality bikes whose warranty holds a bright future.

Final Verdict

Who Should Consider the Schwinn IC4?

Anyone looking for an affordable indoor cycling exercise bike with spectacular features should consider the Schwinn 1C4 bike. The bike offers all that you need to enjoy a pleasant and productive ride.

It’s one of the best spin bikes to use with the Peloton and Zwift app, ride with or without cycling shoes and keep tabs on your workout activity. Provided you don’t care much for high-tech features, the Schwinn IC4 is a bike that is worth every penny!

Who Should Consider the Peloton Original Model?

If you’d like to replicate the indoor cycling class from the four walls of your home, then the Peloton Original bike is the bike for you. The bike’s remarkable workout catalog coupled with seasoned and interesting instructors will keep you on your toes longer than you planned.

Its high-tech screen is an asset that makes the classes more appealing. So if you have a competitive streak and fancy a high-tech premium exercise bike, then you should consider the Peloton Original bike.

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