Life Fitness IC7 Review: Great Bike But is it Worth it?

This award-winning cycle from the Life Fitness brand promises sleek, precise, and powerful workouts that are top-of-the-line in every way imaginable. The Life Fitness brand family has been a powerhouse in the fitness industry for years, and their latest addition to the world of spin biking demonstrates their unified commitment to streamlined and high-performing equipment for home and public gyms the world over. The Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle Bike is a durable, heavy-duty, and hard-working spin bike that’s a reliable and quality investment into your spin game and will last you years.

The Life Fitness IC7 indoor exercise bike is to cater to the committed spinner who knows what they want and are ready to put in the work to achieve it. At just under 120 pounds, this cycle is a true beast, providing heavy-duty workouts at group-cycle intensity from the comfort of your home or personal workout space. Priced at around $3,000, this bike is absolutely an investment, but the quality and lifespan of this well-made machine mean you’ll be satisfied for years to come.

The technical accomplishments of the Life Fitness IC7 are the true stars of the show. Built with an evenly weighted and powerful flywheel that uses industrial strength and precise magnetic resistance to generate powerful strides with each push of the pedals and an included performance monitor that tracks your rides for quick integration into your fitness routine, the Life Fitness team pushes themselves to offer a revolutionary fitness experience that will raise your workout from ordinary to life-changing in the blink of an eye.

One of the top magnetic spin bikes, with steel, oversized, yet ergonomic frame, powerful and smooth two-belt system, and rear-drive flywheel, this indoor cycling bike was made to create high-energy, high-intensity cardio workouts that are safe and supported in any environment. The padded support saddle is designed to cushion and protect as you move on and off the bike, while the handlebar unit is height and distance adjustable to accommodate a variety of rider sizes.

Life Fitness IC7 Specifications:

  • Width: 20.5”
  • Length: 52″
  • Height: 40.2”
  • Bike Weight: 119 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 330 Pounds
  • Transportation Wheels

The Life Fitness IC7 provides, sleek, stable, and streamlined performance that won’t feel like you’re unsteady or tumbling off the bike no matter how hard you spin. The sturdy machine and drive system work in tandem to create a powerful pedaling experience, supported by a state of the art double belt and flywheel system. Included transport wheels mean that despite this bike’s heavier weight it’s easy to move this bike wherever you want to work out without needing to grab some friends. From its durability yet ease of mobility to its streamlined yet intensive design and performance, the Life Fitness IC7 fitness bike is ideal for committed spinners.

WattRate TFT Computer 2.0:

The included device tracker is known as the WattRate TFT Computer 2.0. The machine features a bright, self-powered, fully integrated full-color TFT screen and a front LED display. This patented feature displays your training intensity. The screen also pulls up statistics on heart rate, RPMs, exercise duration and resistance level. The five touch sensor buttons ensure fast and intuitive operation of the computer, even during workouts.

In even better news, this bike is Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity equipped through the ICG Training app and other third party connectors. This means you can enhance your training and level up your fitness tracking merely by using your own tech that seamlessly connects to your bike, creating a personalized and strenuous workout you’re sure to love.

Q-Factor and Pedals:

SPD compatibility is a spin essential, and Life Fitness spares no expense to incorporate the powerful technology on the easiest level for all users to rely on. Most SPD pedals are double-sided – meaning you can clip into either side of the pedal, which makes starting from a stationary position simple. You can adjust your cleat tension using the small screw at the rear of the pedal on both sides for even more control over how you pedal. Most cleats will offer some levity in the shoe to pedal interface, letting your feet rotate about a vertical axis without disengaging, for a more comfortable ride. All SPD cleats are made of metal, so they are robust and sturdy, just like the IC7. This means that they can be used with regular shoes and special bike cleats that allow for maximum training and grip during a cycle or spin class. Those are typically useful for people who are looking to take their cycling to the next level or who are doing off-season training indoors.

The Q-Factor of 155mm is marketed as the industry leader, but not everyone may love the slim distance. This Q-factor is a little smaller than the standard but still works to ensure the greatest possible pedal efficiency for riders, allowing maximum drive on the pedal and creating ergonomic positioning for legs and knees that reduce strain on joints and other muscle functions. By positioning the legs to be able to drive straight down without bending inward or setting them too wide apart, the bike creates the perfect drive mechanism for powerful spinning with almost no impact on the body, essential for the types of challenging workouts the IC7 is promoting. However, people who have especially long legs or are generally taller than others might struggle with the positioning of the pedals because the narrow Q-factor is generally designed for the average or standard body type. The Q-factor here will likely work best for riders between 5-6.5 feet tall.

Flywheel Weight:

This bike’s smooth and powerful magnetic rear mounted flywheel works to generate powerful performances 100% of the time. This flywheel relies on powerful magnetisms to maintain resistance level. The fixed, rear mounted flywheel works to generate internal traction that propels the pedals forward as you push, meaning you work hard with every stride to earn a good workout. Because it’s rear mounted, it’s also out of the sweat zone, meaning that your flywheel is more likely to last longer and is also safer to use in homes where children or pets might accidentally tumble into the bike.

The heavy-duty two-belt system here, which we’ll talk about in more detail later, is also essential to the impressive performance of this flywheel, preserving the function and power of your flywheel no matter how many intensive rides you demand from it. The flywheel, similar to the rest of this bike, is built to withstand any amount of use, so you’ll have no problem riding it for years to come and it can survive multiple moves or transitions to different places. However, it may take you a little longer to get used to this smooth and sturdy bike since the rear mounted flywheel can make it hard to get a feel for settings and rides at first. Be sure to test it out to make sure you find the workout combination that works for you!

Resistance System:

The Indoor IC7 bike stands out among spin bikes in its approach to adjusting resistance. Instead of having a set amount of resistance levels like many similar exercise bikes or even a variable knob that simply twists to tweak resistance, this bike offers a specific clickable resistance adjuster that allows you to precisely control the degree of resistance you prefer.

This refined approach to resistance means that you can tackle intense interval workouts or hustle to simulate specific terrains or issues with ease and grace, an essential for anyone looking to broaden and diversify their spin capabilities.

Unfortunately its resistance is not automatically adjustable so you would need to manually twist the knob on the frame to adjust your resistance level.

Handlebars and Seat:

The IC7 Indoor Cycling Bike offers handlebars and seat adjustable vertically and horizontally for maximum comfort. They have all the possible positions a rider could want, as both riders who normally train indoors and those who ride outdoors can find their dream ergonomic set up without needing to tinker with the bike for hours. This flexibility is also helpful for people who will be using their cycle for spin classes or wanting to incorporate weight training into their cycle experience. The variety of positions can fit standing, squatting, and movement on, off, and around the bike area, all requirements for any group spin class.

For those in homes with more than one cyclist, especially those who are of significantly different builds, this feature makes it much more convenient to switch back and forth from custom seat settings. Because of this adjustability (in all four directions), it allows the spin bike to fit an extremely wide range of users. The seat also fits several different height ranges, so anyone between approximately 5 feet and 6.5 feet of height will be able to use this bike effectively and maximize its available frame flexibility and positioning.

The handlebars also feature a built in water bottle holder, and an additional dumbbell weight holding set can be purchased to install on the exterior of the frame for ease of incorporation during spin classes.

Dual Belt Drive System:

The dual belt drive system on the IC7 is high-performing and low maintenance for every user. Belt systems in general require significantly less effort to maintain than chain drives, which is already an advantage. You won’t need to worry about lubrication, tightening, and rust-prevention: these belts stay in top shape for a long time without needing a lot of fuss. This bike is even more impressive because of its dual belt integration; the drivetrain features a 2-stage hybrid poly-v belt and tooth belt that perform at the top of their game.

Pedaling this bike feels like you’re floating, but it also forces you to dig deep and pedal hard in order to combat the smooth resistance and drive. The low-noise component of these two combination belt drives is also a highlight: they ride softly and silently, meaning you can ride this bike anywhere, anytime without worrying about creating a racket or waking up your household. The 1:11 drive train gear ratio lets you push yourself to punishing intensity, but the combination of toothed, low-maintenance, silent belts and the smooth and quiet ride of the Poly-V belt means you’re ensuring a spectacular ride every time.

Price and Warranty:

  • The Performance Plus bike is currently priced at around 2500 BP
  • The Performance Plus bike’s warranty includes five years on the frame, three years on mechanical parts, one year on all other parts, and one year on labor and installation, if you choose to purchase that service

For warranty questions or parts replacement, you can contact the Life Fitness manufacturers through their website form here:

The price of this bike in comparison to the range of features it offers and the range of other bikes available is steep, but when you measure up all of its benefits it becomes a clearly winning investment. These are quality bikes that should be a staple in any personal gym or spin aficionado and will make your workouts better and simpler day after day.

Assembly and Shipping:

Assembling your Life Fitness IC7 is relatively simple. The integral parts, such as the flywheel and the chain system, come pre-assembled, so you won’t need to worry about how to attach them. However, if the weight of the box or bike isn’t doable for you, you can purchase labor services to come to your home and assemble the bike depending on your location. Shipping timeframes will depend on the carrier, but if you have concerns about getting it into your house you can call ahead and arrange assistance with your local delivery system.

Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle Pros:

Heavy-duty, Stable, and Powerful:

This high-performing bike outshines competitors in almost every category. A stable frame, powerful performance, and high-intensity, precisely customizable workouts make this bike a top contender and one of the best spin bikes on the market. The real powerhouse is the dual-belt system, which is what makes this bike stand out and help it power harder workouts than ever.

The Stable and Customizable Frame:

The IC7’s stable and oversized frame allows for a number of customizable qualities, including both the seat and handlebars. Adjustable in four directions, customization can be done with relative ease and simplicity, meaning you don’t need to be an expert in tools to make adjustments to your positioning. This can be really handy if you have multiple users of the bike in your home or just want to try out different settings or styles without having to take apart your entire bike and spend hours tinkering with wrenches to get it just right.

Strong and Precise Resistance:

The magnetic resistance system is top-notch on this bike. The sleep stop and starting are as smooth as silk and the 300-degree clickable resistance knob allows for perfectly precise customization and a truly layered and intense workout. The magnetic system is also highly durable, meaning that your bike’s lifespan is longer than normal and can stand up to years of regular and intensive use without sacrificing any resistance quality.

Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle Cons:

Hefty Price and the lack automatic resistance system:

The only con we can think of for this bike is its price tag. At just over $3,000, this is no cheap bike, but its durability, extensive warranty, and consistently high performance make us feel like your investment will prove itself worthy in no time at all.

My Final Verdict

One of the best commercial quality indoor cycles, the Life Fitness IC7 is a powerhouse that would work well in any gym, studio, or workout space. The highly versatile design allows for maximum customization to the needs of every cyclist. The sleekly integrated flywheel and dual belt system plus the micro-precise adjustment knob make for an easy to use and challenging workout design that you can build to your exact needs. Bluetooth integration and a flashy computer monitor make fitness tracking easier than ever before. Its durability and performance metrics are outstanding in every way. The only drawback to this purchase is the hefty price tag, but its long life span makes this investment feel affordable.

Overall, the Life Fitness IC7 spin bike is a worthy investment into the future of spinning. Its powerful dual-drive system, rear-mounted flywheel, and precise resistance system work in tandem to create a hardworking workout that will challenge even the most veteran of spinners, and its sturdy frame and build mean that it can last decades of heavy-duty exercise with some basic maintenance. For the spinner ready to commit to their forever hobby, this spin bike is definitely the purchase for you.

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