JLL IC400 Pro Review: Worth the Money

If you are familiar with the UK fitness industry, especially the exercise equipment niche, you would know that JLL is one of the industry’s finest along with its sister bikes JLL IC300 PRO and JLL IC350 PRO. The fitness dynamo is totally and completely addicted to producing the best fitness gear, including killer indoor cycling bikes. The JLL IC400 PRO indoor bike is a typical representation of its fondness for quality and highly competitive products. As you will soon find out in this JLL IC400 PRO review, JLL is all about their target customers’ out-and-out satisfaction. To begin with, the JLL IC400 Pro is a fine blend of cycling technology and amenities.

As a rule, high-quality bikes and a steep price tag go hand in hand, but the JLL IC400 PRO indoor bike is an exception to this rule. One of the favourite spin bikes in the UK, though its price tag is a long way from cheap, it is not exorbitantly priced either. A great indoor cycle under £500, it falls in the middle of the price class, making it affordable for the average income earner. There is also the fact that the value it offers exceeds its MSRP. The JLL IC400 Pro encloses 12-month coverage on its parts, labour and frame. Shipping takes an average of ten days, and quotes differ across vendors. The bike is delivered almost completely assembled, so setting it up for use is not a burdensome chore. With all its assembly tools included and an assembly guide in tow, you can handle the process independently without hassle.

Cycle Specifications:

  • Q-factor: 170 mm
  • Pedals: Toe cages and SPD compatible pedals
  • Flywheel: 22Kg
  • Resistance: Magnetic Resistance
  • Transmission: Belt-drive
  • Weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Height capacity: Up to 6 Ft tall
  • Bike weight: 110 kg
  • Bike dimensions: 130 × 54 × 141.5 cm
  • Monitor: Digital display
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: iConsole app
  • RPM Tracking: Yes
  • Watt Tracking: Yes

Bike Monitor

The JLL IC400 Pro monitor will make tech-savvy exercisers squeal with delight. It combines a friendly interface with seven intelligent functions that make each ride as productive and entertaining as can be. The screen embodies good readability so that you can view your stats and everything else without significant inconvenience to your eyes.

Rest assured, the JLL IC400 monitor is not frill-ish without any real value; it cares a great deal about your progress and goals and, as such, gives you updated feedback of your time, speed, distance, heart rate, RPM, calories, scan and watt. Though the power output (watt) values it provides are estimated and not accurate, it is better than nil. Its scan mode does precisely what a scan function should do; it displays your stats.

The bike’s Bluetooth technology takes the cake! It syncs seamlessly to the iConsole app, a program-packed app that motivates, stimulates and enhances your productivity and performance. But all that glitters isn’t gold; the monitor’s app compatibility is limited. If you plan to use apps like Peloton, Zwift and whatnot with this bike, you are in for a challenge (you may have to use some round-about connections or forego the thought altogether). Oops, a design flaw exists: several customer reviews state that the monitor doesn’t attach appropriately due to the handlebars getting in the way. So don’t panic or be caught off guard if this happens.

Resistance and Transmission

We were hardly surprised to know that the JLL IC400 exercise bike revolves on magnetic resistance technology ─ we weren’t expecting anything less. Magnetic resistance translates to a customizable approach to the bike’s tension intensity. Users can alter the bike’s resistance as they deem fit. However, its resistance control is not automatic; instead, it uses a dial system. The implication? Users have to adjust the resistance manually via a knob, and the monitor doesn’t track resistance levels.

On the upside, the knob is easy to adjust on-the-fly, so you don’t have to sweat it. With a simple twist of the knob in any direction of choice, the bike’s pedalling momentum either increases or decreases. While you have to measure how much intensity you require instinctively, it is pretty easy to figure out ─ you will “naturally” know when to turn the knob a notch higher or lower. The manual resistance dial system, while easy to operate, may be challenging to use with workouts that require quick and alternate resistance transitions. As such, the JLL IC400’s manual resistance is more functional for cardio and endurance-based spinning exercises (they don’t need that many quick resistance transitions).

One of the best magnetic indoor cycles in the UK, the JLL IC400 spin bike uses a unique rubber-belt transmission system. This type of resistance is highly low-maintenance and functional. The rubber-belt is equally smooth and sturdy. In addition to providing a smooth and whisper-quiet cycling motion, it is least likely to give in to wear and tear. It is low-maintenance because it can do without the usual and mostly tiresome lubrication and tightening practices. The drivetrain interacts with the variable resistance to make every spinning session a smooth-as-silk and quiet activity.

Pedals, Q-factor and Flywheel

JLL sure went above and beyond with the IC400 Pro’s crank and pedal engineering. The bike is outfitted with a standard-quality three-piece crank and dual-sided pedals (toe cages on one side and SPD compatible cleats on the other). You can either stick with the toe cages or clip in with the SPD spinning shoes. Talk about convenience! The inclusion of SPD elements, in particular, makes the JLL IC400 pro bike even more appealing. SPD are the top choice for many cyclists because of their high-performance and other customizable features.

The distance between the JLL IC400 pedals (Q-factor) is 170 mm, which is quite wide. Where Q-factor is concerned, a narrow stance is a gold standard. When the pedals have limited distance between each other, the user can maintain a comfortable and ergonomically-correct posture. Any stance to the contrary is bound to place uncomfortable pressure on the knees and feet, increasing the risk of injury. To this end, the JLL IC400 Pro’s Q-factor is a tad below standard.

Anchoring the bike’s no-contact magnetic resistance is its inertia-driven fixed 22kg (48.5 Ibs) flywheel that generates a smooth resistance without jerking and wobbling. It comprises magnets that make no contact which each other, thus enabling easy braking. The flywheel weight is on par with industry recommendations, so its up-to-standard performance is indisputable. It pedals in forward directions and produces great inertia that facilitates the smooth motion of the pedals. It is also well-guarded and constructed with longevity in mind.

Specifications and Accessories

The JLL IC400 Pro indoor bike is such a beauty! You will be aesthetically drawn to its sleek black and red frame at first sight. In any case, it is more than just an indoor cycle with show-stopping looks; it is equally as beautiful on the inside. Its sturdy yet lightweight metal frame can uphold a 150kg maximum weight limit. The bike itself weighs a whopping 110kg owing to the weight of the stainless steel parts it incorporates. The bike is relatively space-conscious at a footprint of; 130 × 54 × 141.5 cm (L×W× H).

The JLL IC400 Pro’s curved and elongated handlebars are many shades of practical and comfortable. What’s more, they are height (vertical) and latitude adjustable. Adjustment is made possible by an up-down knob and a side lever. The handlebars practically house the console to foster easy accessibility. They also lodge a tablet/phone rack where users can place and use their phones during spinning sessions.

The upholstered, four-way adjustable spin bike seat is the ultimate definition of comfort and versatility. With its four different height adjustments, it can accommodate users with various body heights; no matter your size, you should find the most comfortable position. For clarity, the seat’s maximum height adjustment is 145 centimetres while its minimum height adjustment is 128 centimetres ─ the bike should fit users around 6 ft tall. To add a significant and welcome touch, the bike comes with a free seat cover. A cute little bottle holder ensures you get all the hydration you might need.

JLL IC400 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Pros

  • The bike prides itself on stellar quality at a mid-range price
  • It is aesthetically pleasing, powerfully built and can withstand a 150kg maximum weight limit
  • It combines an inertia-driven heavy magnetic flywheel with a remarkable belt-driven transmission to initiate a smooth-as-silk and noise-free ride
  • It is a low-maintenance exercise bike
  • Its console is tech-savvy with Bluetooth connectivity to utilize the iConsole app and wireless heart rate tracking.
  • The digital console provides a real-time update of user speed, time, distance, calories, RPM, watt and heart rate.
  • It is furnished with a 3-piece crank system with toe cages and SPD compatible pedals.
  • The seat and handlebars are ergonomically constructed and offer different adjustment settings.
  • It is pretty easy to put together post-delivery; assembly tools and manuals are included.

JLL IC400 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Cons

  • No automatic resistance for Zwift and Peloton or Kinomap apps.
  • Can’t install apps on the bike’s monitor.

This review makes it easy to see why the JLL IC400 Pro indoor cycling bike is nearly uncontestable among mid-priced bikes in the UK. It depicts quality and serviceability at its best. It is garnished with appealing fitness features that will sooner propel you to your goals than disappoint you. The console is pretty “techy” for the price. The magnetic and belt-driven transmission leaves nothing to be desired. While the variable resistance is not automated, it is strong enough to satisfy die-hard cyclists. Pay no mind to the “Pro” in its name because this bike is equally suitable for amateur spinners ─ It is super easy to use and operate. Aside from its limited Bluetooth connectivity and average warranty, the JLL IC400 Pro indoor cycling bike is near-perfect!

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