JLL IC300 PRO Review: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

After six months with the JLL IC300 Pro, I can say it’s a solid exercise bike offering great value for money, though it has some quirks. The setup was straightforward, especially with the help of a YouTube video, but threading the monitor cable took some trial and error.

The bike’s sturdy frame prevents thigh rubbing, but the handlebar mount has developed a bit of a wobble. The 20kg flywheel provides excellent resistance for all fitness levels, though it occasionally squeaks, and the display cable placement is crucial to avoid rubbing.

Despite minor issues like a faulty heart-rate monitor, lack of a tablet holder, and sharp pedal nodules, the JLL IC300 Pro remains a reliable choice. Its affordable price and solid performance make it a worthwhile addition to any home gym.

I am going to quickly tell you how it was evolved from older models, and then give you a few alternatives to consider and then we start this JLL IC300 Pro review with more details and talk about its pros and cons. But if you don’t have the time, you can click one of the links below to either buy the exercise bike from Amazon website or JLLFitness website.

Evolving Through the Spin Cycle: JLL IC300 PRO and Beyond

Now that we’ve warmed up with the JLL IC300 Pro, let’s dive into how it stacks up against its siblings in the JLL series. Strap in – it’s comparison time!

Budget: JLL IC200 PRO

Meet the IC200 PRO, the younger sibling in the JLL family. It’s compact, lightweight, and super budget-friendly at £229. I found it perfect for starters and those with limited space. The 7kg flywheel keeps things moving smoothly, and its covered edges make it safe for kids. However, the console is very basic — black and white, tiny, and lacking in RPM readings. It gets the job done for the basics, but don’t expect any frills and if you are on the heavier side, I suggest you spend the extra and get the IC400 Pro or at least the 300 Pro.

Mid-Range: JLL IC300 PRO

Next up in the IC Pro Series, the star of our show is the IC300 PRO. It’s priced around £300, this bike features a hefty 20kg flywheel, sturdier crank arms, and a standard poly V belt transmission. The console is a step up from the IC200, now including RPM readings. However, I found the handlebars could use some ergonomic improvements. They’re straight without any angle or decent padding for elbows, which can be a bit uncomfortable during longer rides. Overall, it’s a solid mid-range option that offers a more robust experience than the IC200.

Sturdy: JLL IC400 PRO

After trying all three bikes, the IC400 PRO stood out as the best. It’s much sturdier, doesn’t wobble, and feels incredibly solid during intense workouts. The display monitor is larger, more accurate, and provides all the important metrics. Plus, the handlebars are not only comfy but also adjustable horizontally. The console is like stepping into a new world with speed, RPM, games, and even watt readings. The added Bluetooth connectivity allows syncing with Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap, and more. Trust me, the IC400 PRO is worth the splurge if you want the best of the bunch.

Comparison Table: JLL IC200 Pro, IC300 Pro, and IC400 Pro

DescriptionsJLL IC200 ProJLL IC300 ProJLL IC400 Pro
HandlebarsBasic and only vertical adjustment.Basic and only vertical adjustment.Standard with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
Monitor5cm x 7cm (Basic)7cm x 9cm (Basic)8cm x 15cm (Standard)
AppsNoneNoneZwift, Peloton, Kinomap
Crank ArmsLightStandardSturdy
AccessoriesNo bottle or tablet holderNo bottle or tablet holderTwo bottle holders and one tablet holder
ResistanceManual magneticManual magneticManual magnetic
StatisticsTime, Calories, Speed, HRRPM, Time, Calories, Speed, HRWatt, RPM, Time, Calories, Speed, HR, Distance
If you’re just dipping your toes into indoor cycling, the IC200 PRO is a great start. For a more robust ride, the IC300 PRO steps up. But if you’re ready to splurge a bit, the IC400 PRO is where it’s at – it’s like the rockstar of the PRO Series with its sturdiness, advanced features, and superior build.

Best Alternatives to the JLL IC300 Pro: Joroto X2 Pro & Echelon EX3

Here’s the part where I give you the best alternatives to consider. Everything I say is based on my experience, and I’m not paid to recommend any bike. These are genuine recommendations to help you make the best choice.

Joroto X2 Pro: Extra Features and Better Quality

While the JLL IC300 Pro is a solid exercise bike, I highly recommend checking out the Joroto X2 Pro before making a decision. It’s often discounted by 20% to 35%, bringing it to a similar price point as the JLL IC300 Pro but with a ton of cool features and overall better build quality.

For starters, the Joroto X2 Pro boasts more comfortable handlebars with horizontal adjustment, a large, grippy tablet holder, and a clearer display monitor. Crucially, it has Bluetooth and Zwift connectivity, which you don’t get with the JLL. I also found the saddle on the Joroto X2 Pro more comfortable than the one on the JLL IC300 Pro. Overall, it’s more comfortable, less wobbly, and offers more features. Unfortunately, it’s not always discounted, but when it is, you get much more value from it than the IC300 Pro.

Echelon EX3: Smart Automatic Resistance for Zwift

If your budget is under £300, I’d suggest sticking with the JLL IC300 Pro or the Joroto X2 Pro. However, if you can stretch your budget a bit and like the idea of an exercise bike that automatically changes resistance when connected to Zwift or Peloton, then the Echelon EX3 is the bike I recommend.

The Echelon EX3 features automatic resistance, which is something you don’t get with the JLL or Joroto bikes. Plus, it has Bluetooth sensors to send your progress to your phone or tablet. It works great with Peloton and Zwift apps when you use the QZ application as a bridge. What sets the EX3 apart, aside from its affordable price, is its seamless integration with popular cycling apps like Zwift, Peloton, and Kinomap, thanks to its advanced Bluetooth FTMS technology. The motorized resistance system is a game-changer, automatically adjusting the intensity based on the virtual terrain or instructor guidance.

Comparison Table: JLL IC300 Pro Alternatives (Joroto X2 Pro and Echelon EX3)

FeatureJLL IC300 ProJoroto X2 ProEchelon EX3
HandlebarsBasic with vertical adjustmentHorizontal and vertical adjustmentBasic with vertical adjustment
PedalsToe cageToe cageToe cage + SPD
Dispaly MonitorBasic with RPMClear with RPM, watt, and resistance level.None
AppsNoneZwiftEchelon, Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap
Crank ArmsStandardSturdyStandard
ResistanceManual magneticManual magneticAutomatic magnetic
AccessoriesNo bottle or tablet holderLarge tablet holderAdjustable tablet holder

JLL IC300 Pro Specifications:

  • Width: 20”
  • Length: 51″
  • Height: 44”
  • Bike Weight: 99 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 286 Pounds
  • UserCompatible Size Range: 5’0” to 6’6”
  • Transportation Wheels

JLL 300Pro Digital Monitor Characteristics:

This pared-down digital monitor is straightforward, simple, easy to use, contributes to the overall affordable bike price, and is built right into your bike for maximum efficiency and feedback. The seven function console is powered by two included AAA batteries, so you’re not bound by a plug or electrical outlet, and the LCD screen offers streamlined and accessible feedback for every ride. The direct power measurements achieved through fitness tracking built into the cycle include time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, pulse, and rotations per minute, allowing you to track every element of your spin ride. You can monitor your cadence using included pulse sensors to meet the needs of your exercise routine and training goals as well.

Unfortunately, the device does not enable Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, a major drawback that means that your workout data cannot instantly be connected and saved to apps like Zwift, Peloton, or any other leaderboard system. You can’t track heart rate either since there’s no included monitor or sensing plates. No built-in tablet mount means you’ll have to buy your own if you want to hold phones or tablets for easy entertainment while riding, another additional expense just to watch an episode of your favorite show or movie or follow along to a spin class for maximum power and convenience during your rides. Since you can’t instantly connect and upload your data, and there’s no internal memory either, this monitor isn’t particularly high-tech or savvy, but it gets the basic job of fitness performance tracking done.

Caged Equipped Pedals and Q-Factor:

  • Metal pedals have toe cages for additional security
  • Not SPD compatible
  • Q-factor of 150 mm

The pedals included on the JLL IC300 PRO bike are fairly standard: simple bike pedals with included toe cages to keep your feet from slipping off the pedal mid stride. However, they are not SPD compatible, which could be a big issue.

SPD is a must-have for any cyclist. Most SPD pedals are double sided – that means you can clip into either side of the pedal, which makes starting from a stationary position (not pedaling) a lot easier. Some riders prefer the additional security that comes from knowing that you need to push hard to move the wheel, but if you’re just starting out you may want less tension. For beginning riders, not being able to train with SPD compatibility could be a problem if you’re looking to increase your spinning abilities, but if you’re just looking for a standard indoor bike these pedals will do the trick. You can also always order SPD-equipped replacement pedals, and since the JLL IC300 has a standard 9/16” pedal thread, replacements are pretty easy to pick. The pedals unscrew easily to replace, making swapping out for better versions simple though an extra, annoying expense.

The q-factor on the JLL IC300 Pro bike is 150mm, a narrow q-factor stance. The JLL IC300 Pro looks to offer a narrower q-factor that will set riders up for ergonomic success and minimize strain on the body. A narrow stance is generally preferred for spin bikes because it positions the feet and knees in a line that drives smoothly downwards, allowing maximum drive on the pedal and creating ergonomic positioning for legs and knees that reduce strain on joints and other muscle functions especially when you’re leaning or moving around on the bike, so this is definitely a good sign!

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycle Flywheel:

  • 44 lb fixed flywheel
  • Weighted, bidirectional pedaling
  • Employs sleek and quiet magnetic resistance
  • Magnetic, no contact braking systems

Magnetic resistance systems are a well-loved standard in the spin fitness industry because of their seamless, no contact drive between flywheel and transmission. The JLL IC300 Pro flywheel is made up of multiple magnets, but because they’re no-contact, braking is easy and causes no damage to your machine or unpleasant jerk to your body. The fixed flywheel works hard by pedaling in either direction to generate force that propels the pedals forward as you push, meaning you work harder with every stride to earn a good workout.

The heavy-duty drive belt system, heavyweight and powerful flywheel, and strong frame make this bike reliable, preserving the function of your flywheel and transmission system no matter how many intense rides you demand from it. The flywheel, similar to the rest of this bike, is built to withstand any amount of use, so you’ll have no problem riding it for many years or taking it with you if you move homes, apartments, or gym spaces. The flywheel is also covered in a durable sweat protection guard to maintain its longevity and performance time and time again.

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycle Resistance:

  • JLL IC300 PRO features a magnetic adjustable resistance system
  • Variable incremental adjustment knob cranks up resistance before or during rides with just a simple rotation

The JLL IC300 PRO indoor cycle uses proven magnetic technology to guide users’ personalized approaches to adjusting the degree of magnetic resistance. Instead of having a set amount of resistance levels like an elliptical or treadmill might, this spin bike features a variable adjustment knob that allows a rider to adjust the resistance settings by twisting the knob in degrees in whatever direction you’d like your resistance to head.

One of the top magnetic spin bikes in the UK, this resistance knob does offer a few advantages, namely that it’s easy to click up or down mid-workout, unlike other bikes where you can only adjust tension after you’ve stopped pedaling. However, the lack of marked levels can be annoying or difficult to manipulate if you’re in a workout that needs a fast resistance switch that isn’t conducive to slow clicking through each level. Variable resistance changes are usually best suited for long cardio-based style rides, but partly because of the magnetic no-contact system, this specific bike offers slightly faster adjustments that can help with hill or terrain training if that’s what you’re looking for.

Handlebars and Seat:

  • Height adjustable elongated handlebars
  • Four-way adjustable padded seat

The handlebars on the JLL IC300 PRO are elongated for comfortable extended use and fairly functional, but there are some important limitations to note. The handlebars aren’t easily adjusted, so you’ll have to place it at a different crank and wrench height, requiring a good deal of tinkering each time you want to switch up your handlebar adjustments. The handlebars feature the included electronic console for ease of access, but they do not come equipped with a tablet or phone mount. Located alongside the JLL IC300 is a conveniently located water bottle holder for ease of access (the water bottle is even included!)

The padded, race-style saddle on the JLL IC300 PRO indoor spin bike is slightly more personalizable. Featuring height adjustments, this bike can fit a variety of different rider heights. Most sizes of riders will feel comfortable on this bike with this comfortable saddle that shifts up and down as needed. You can also tweak the forward and backward positioning of the saddle, making it an even more versatile ride. For riders who need flexibility with their spin cycles, this feature is a huge bonus. It also makes it easier to switch between users of different sizes, though you will need to invest a little extra time if you’re hoping to adjust your handlebar adjustments.

JLL IC300 PRO Belt Drive System and Gear Ratio:

The JLL IC300 PRO features a signature transmission system that’s both high-performing and low maintenance, providing an ideal ride for every user through its use of a rubber drive belt. Belt systems, in general, require significantly less effort to maintain than chain drives (what you’d see on a standard outdoor bike), but the rubber JLL belt drive takes this a step further by eliminating traditional maintenance steps like lubrication, tightening, and rust-prevention. The rubber belt drive (also known as the timing belt) provides a superior drive experience, including a tight fit to the gears and a smooth overall ride.

Pedaling with this bike is a silent yet powerful experience that creates a strong drive and tough resistance that will challenge you during any workout. The gear ratio is another major contributor to smooth and quiet rides: the ease of adjustment with the knob-based resistance system contributes to the overall silence of your ride and eliminates the loud cranking and creaking that some older spin bikes or outdoor chain bike models are known for.

Assessment of Price and Warranty:

  • The JLL IC300 PRO indoor cycling bike is currently priced at £300;
  • The JLL IC300 PRO bike’s warranty includes a simple twelve months on everything and is in ROHS CE compliance

For warranty questions or parts replacement, you can contact the Schwinn manufacturers through their JLL Fitness store here:

One of the favorite spin bikes under £300 in the UK, the price of this bike in comparison to the range of features it offers and the range of other bikes available is pretty good, though it’s important to note accessories that you might need to purchase in order to get the most bang for your buck out of this bike (such as SPD pedals). These are definitely mid-range bikes that are most likely best for spinners on a budget who are just getting started in the spin world.

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Shipped in a single box that weighs about 100, with partial assembly required
  • Takes about ten days to arrive
  • Includes all tools needed for assembly

Assembling your JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycle is pretty easy to figure out with the assistance of their manual and manufacturer guidance. The key parts, such as the flywheel and the chain system, come pre-assembled, so you won’t need to worry about how to attach them. However, if you’re nervous or unsettled as a result of the idea of assembly, you can purchase labor services to come to your home and assemble the bike depending on your location for an additional fee. Otherwise, grab a partner and the instruction manual and get to work! Shipping timeframes will depend on the carrier, but if you have concerns about getting it into your house you can call ahead and arrange assistance with your local delivery system.

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycle Pros:

Powerful and efficient:

This is one of the higher-quality mid-range exercise bikes on the market and for good reason. JLL is known to put out fairly priced bikes that top the charts both in performance and design. It’s portable and easy to store, but it also provides a powerful ride for users while maximizing ergonomic and aesthetic design and keeping the price tag low.

The Rubber Transmission Belt:

The rubber JLL IC300 PRO belt transmission is an extremely powerful addition to any indoor cycle. Both the durability and silent performance of the JLL IC300 PRO belt mean that it performs at a high degree consistently over a long period of time, so you won’t have to worry about maintenance or performance issues for a while after you purchase it. The no-slip, no-jerk drive that’s achieved through the stretchy rubber flexibility is another big plus, creating an innovative and smooth ride every time.

Strong Resistance:

The variable magnetic resistance system is top-of-the-line on this bike. The no-contact braking and no-slip drive belt work together to make a smooth and intense workout, and the resistance knob allows for perfect customization and a truly personalized workout. The magnetic system is also highly durable, meaning that your bike’s lifespan is longer than normal and can stand up to years of regular and intensive use without sacrificing any of the performance quality of your resistance system.

JLL IC300 PRO Cycle Cons:

  • Poorly designed Handlebars with limited handgrip positions and not horizontal adjustments;
  • No spd clipping elements on the pedals to use indoor cycling shoes;
  • Low tech fitness tracking monitor without backlit or Bluetooth;
  • No tablet holder to keep you device on the bike while cycling;

Last Word on the JLL IC300 PRO

The JLL IC300 PRO Spin Bike is a good quality beginner’s spin bike that would fit well in any personal gym or workout space. One of the best budget indoor cycles in the UK, the versatile design, adjustable frame, and durable build mean this bike can withstand all types of workouts by all types of riders. The JLL IC300 PRO offers a lot of good performance capabilities, especially when it comes to its drive, pedals, and flywheel, but these are overshadowed by the lack of SPD pedals and the simpler digital monitor with no tablet mount. Though you can work around these drawbacks by replacing the pedals early on and installing your own tablet mount, they just feel like unnecessary expenses that should be included in the original purchase.

However, for its price point, the JLL IC300 PRO indoor spin bike is definitely a strong contender for beginners ready to dive into spinning. Its strong and durable resistance system ensures repeatedly intense workouts that are constantly working to better you and will likely last you many years as well as accommodate you to the style of resistance spin bikes feature. Beginners who aren’t tied to routine spin bike features will likely find this bike is potentially worthy in terms of features and price, making it a great purchase.

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