Exercise Bike and Rowing Machine Comparison

Discover the ultimate cardio duo with our exercise bikes and rowing machines comparison guide. Get concise reviews and key features to make an informed choice for your home gym. Find the perfect balance for a full-body workout and elevate your fitness routine today!

See Which Exercise Bike is For you

comparison Chart

DescriptionsSpin BikeUpright BikeRecumbent BikeAir Bike
ImpactMedium Impact exercise bikeLow Impact exercise bikeLowest Impact exercise bikeHighest Impact exercise bike
MusclesOnly Lower Body ExerciseOnly Lower Body ExerciseOnly Lower Body ExerciseUpper & Lower Body Exercise
UsageNot as easy to useRelatively easy to useEasiest bike to useNot as easy to use
CaloriesAverage Up to 600 per hourAverage Up to 500 per hourAverage Up to 400 per hourAverage Up to 800 per hours
SimulationCan simulate racing road bikesCan simulate relaxed city bikesCan simulate leaned back recumbentCan simulate bike and elliptical
RecommendedFor users with good balanceFor young and older usersFor everyone including recoveryFor younger users in good health

See Which Rowing Machine is For you

Comparison Chart

DescriptionsWater RowerAir RowerMagnetic Rower
Rowing FeelNaturalNaturalUnnatural

Spin Bike vs Rowing Machine: Which is For you

Comparison Chart

ComparisonIndoor CyclingIndoor Rowing
Muscles EngagedLegs, core, glutes, upper body (if using handlebars)Legs, back, core, arms
Approximate Calories Burned per Hour400-600 calories600-800 calories
Needed Floor SpaceCompact, typically around 4×2 feetSlightly larger, around 7×2 feet
FoldabilityNot foldableCan be folded for storage
Virtual Live and Recorded ContentAbundant live and recorded classes availableLess common but still available
Saddle SorenessCommon, may require getting used toNot associated with indoor rowing

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