Echelon EX15 (Sport Smart Connect) Review

Indoor cycling bikes are the wave right now, with the vast majority of “bikers” and fitness enthusiasts on the hunt for good, quality, and reliable ones. One of such well-functioning and quality-assured indoor cycling bikes is the Echelon EX15 spin bike. It is the base-level, and most affordable model of the Echelon Smart connect series of exercise bikes. The series features top-performing indoor bikes, including the Echelon EX5s, EX5, EX3, and the EX1. Sold around the $450 mark, the EX15 is the choice indoor bike for shoppers on a budget. But don’t be deceived by its low price-point as this bike is every inch value and quality optimized. Compared to the absolute majority of bikes within this price range, the Echelon EX15 indoor bike is light years ahead.

Where product warranty is concerned, the EX15 indoor bike is not up to snuff ─ the bike’s mechanical parts and labor are covered for just a year. Be that as it may, Echelon offers an extended 1-3 years warranty at an extra cost. A year increment costs around $79, while a protracted three-year coverage is $199. In light of the piddling (standard) warranty, it will be wise to get an extended warranty. Echelon ships the EX15 for $199, but the shipping fee is waived when purchased along with the company’s Fit app. You will be expected to set up the bike as soon as it gets to you, but not to worry, the EX15 assembly process isn’t an arduous task. You will find a detailed assembly manual along with some tools to ease installation. Read along as we un-wrap this low-cost yet quality Echelon indoor bike in this EX15 review.

Cycle Specifications:

  • Q-factor: 202 mm
  • Pedals: Single-sided, Adjustable Toe cages
  • Flywheel: 20Ibs
  • Resistance: Magnetic resistance
  • Transmission: Belt-drive
  • Weight capacity: 300Ibs
  • Height capacity: 4’10”-6’5”
  • Bike weight: 90Ibs
  • Bike dimensions:
  • Monitor: N/A
  • Connectivity: WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Applications: Echelon Fit app
  • RPM Tracking: Yes
  • Watt Tracking: Yes

Bike Monitor

This is one feature that the Echelon EX15 failed to satisfy; the indoor bike, despite its glowing specification sheet, does not integrate a bike monitor. Well, this isn’t surprising considering that its superior siblings, except the EX5s, exhibit the same shortcoming. Still and all, the bike provides an alternative in the form of a tablet mount where users can lodge a tablet or smartphone. The idea is to sync the Echelon Fit app to your mobile device so you can enjoy the same programming privileges characteristic of conventional bike monitors.

But to think that you have to pay extra for this premium access is somewhat disappointing; many indoor bikes are equipped with a built-in programmed monitor so that users can have access to subscription-free workout programs! In any case, we have to cut the cycle some slack considering that the summation of all the prices involved (subscription inclusive) still falls under the “$750- $900” range. Moreover, the Echelon Fit app is worthwhile. It boasts a delightful assortment of expert-led live classes, on-demand workout videos, picturesque virtual cycling routes, and an array of workout videos that you can do on and off the bike. You bet that the Echelon Fit app is a huge and pleasurable compensation for the EX15’s lack of a monitor.

The programs and classes also have all the tracking statistics expected of a serviceable bike monitor, including speed, distance, time, cadence, watt, calorie consumption, resistance, and heart rate ( provided a heart rate monitor or watch is available). Bear in mind that the EX15 spinning bike is exclusive to the Echelon Fit app, and as such, it is incompatible with other apps like Peloton and Zwift.

Resistance and Transmission

The Echelon EX15 indoor cycle works with a magnetic resistance system and a belt-driven transmission ─ the ultimate combination that delivers the smoothest and wobble-free cycling motion there is. Its superior resistance system offers 32 levels of tension, giving users free rein to determine their ride’s intensity.

Users can regulate the bike’s tension level with the aid of a knob that is easily within the rider’s reach for on-the-fly control. Switching from one resistance setting to another is made easy by the knob so that you can make quick adjustments on and off the bike. With the resistance range provided, you can replicate different workout modes, including endurance, high-intensity workouts, and simulate terrains.

The belt-drive featured on the EX15 indoor bike is far better than a chain drive. It does not require as much lubrication or maintenance as the latter. Thus the belt-drive enhances the durability of the EX15. The material the drivetrain is made of remains unknown, but from the looks of it, it bears semblance to a Poly-V belt, which is the standard and most used belt-drive for bikes of this caliber.

Pedals, Q-factor and Flywheel

Most cyclists and exercisers favor SPD clip-in cleats for pedaling. SPD cleats are more stable and efficient than regular caged pedals and the like. Regrettably, the Echelon EX15’s pedals are not SPD compatible. This might be a drawback for cyclists who prefer cycling with SPD cleats (indoor or not). As opposed to the revered SPD pedals, the EX15 indoor cycling bike sports adjustable toe cages, which aren’t deficient. You can use the cage with your athletic shoes without suffering discomfort. Nonetheless, the bike would have been a lot more appealing if it had SPD elements.

Echelon states the Q-factor for the EX15 indoor cycle as 202 mm. This means the pedals are wider than usual. Given that narrower pedals take precedence over wider ones, the EX15 yet again earns another minus point for its pedal fabrication. Narrow pedals are best-loved for a good reason ─ they enable ergonomically-approved posturing by lifting strain off your knees and feet. That being so, you can ride comfortably and injury-free for long periods.

It is a given that flywheels are one of the most important mechanical components of an indoor cycling bike; therefore, shoppers often take flywheel specifications seriously when purchasing an indoor bike. With that said, the Echelon EX15 spinning bike has a 20Ibs flywheel which narrowly escapes being overly-light. It is efficient at best and delivers a smooth momentum. On top of that, the flywheel is guarded and safe for families with kids.

Specification and Accessories

Though a low-cost indoor cycling bike, the EX15 does not compromise construction quality. It is well and thoughtfully constructed, with the bulk of the bike draped in steel. You are sure to get many years of use out of the EX15 spin bike. Because it packs some solid weight (about 90lbs) and engineering, it can accommodate a maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs without incidence. The EX15 indoor bike is also built to fit into your home without consuming a large portion of space. It is the most compact of the Echelon bikes, sitting at just 20.28 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 37.8 inches high. From its dimensions, you will agree that it is indeed a space-friendly exercise bike.

The EX15’s handlebars and seats paint an ergonomic picture. Its dipped handlebars feature four-way adjustability (forward/backward, up/down). You can position the handle vertically or horizontally in tune with your desired comfort. You can achieve this by pressing an adjustment knob. The indoor bike seat, like the handlebars, can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Also, it is wide and ultra-comfortable. The adjustability element of its seat and handlebars means the EX15 is open to different users with different body heights and types.

Positioned between the handlebars is a stand that serves as a tablet/device mount. The stand in collaboration with the Echelon Fit app substitutes an integrated monitor. A bottle holder is located behind the seat, which users can utilize to fulfill their refreshment and hydration needs.

Echelon EX15 Pros

  • It sports a solid-as-a-rock construction that can support an impressive 300 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • It combines magnetic resistance technology with a belt-driven transmission for a near-silent, smooth and consistent operation.
  • Because of its belt drive, it is easy to maintain and will last for a long time.
  • It offers 32 varying degrees of magnetic resistance to meet the intensity requirements of different users.
  • Its seat and handlebars present four-way adjustability for custom fit and comfort
  • It syncs to the Echelon Fit app, which has an impressive selection of performance-enhancing programs and functions.

Echelon EX15 Cons

  • It is short of an integrated monitor and pairs only with the Echelon Fit app, which necessitates a subscription fee.
  • Its 1-year warranty is somewhat inadequate.
  • Its single-sided, Non-SPD compatible pedals leave a lot to be desired.

As far as low-cost indoor cycling bikes go, the Echelon Ex15 Indoor cycling bike is a strong competitor. Echelon has produced a bike that is as functional as it is affordable. The EX15 spinning bike has all the parts and components needed to make your spinning sessions a ride to remember. From its steel construction to its magnetic flywheel and belt drivetrain, the bike speaks quality and durability. It prioritizes comfort and customization as well with its comfortable four-way adjustable seat and handlebars. Whether you are new to the cycling realm or an elite cyclist, the EX15 spin bike will meet about 80% of your expectations. Suppose you take aside its lack of an integrated monitor (compensated for by the Echelon Fit app and tablet mount), its Non-SPD Pedals, and its measly warranty coverage. In that case, the EX15 indoor bike is one of the best low-cost spin bikes on the market. We hope this Echelon EX15 indoor cycling bike review has shed enough light on this spin bike.

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