The Best Under Desk Ellipticals in the UK

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be quite a challenge to maintain optimal health and fitness with our busy schedules. However, fear not! Under desk ellipticals in the UK are here to save the day. These amazing machines seamlessly integrate exercise into your daily routine, whether you’re at home or in the office. They are compact, convenient, and won’t disrupt your workflow. Not only do they promote lower muscle tone and enhance cardiovascular health, but they also come with built-in calorie-burning counter technology and portable designs. This means you can track your progress and exercise anywhere you go. So, say goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle and welcome a healthier, more energetic you! Check out our carefully curated selection of the best under desk ellipticals in the UK. They are specifically designed to combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting and boost productivity. Get ready to take charge of your health and fitness!

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Compare Top Under Desk Ellipticals: Find Your Perfect Fit!

Comparison of Top Under Desk Ellipticals
Compare the Best Under Desk Ellipticals
Under Desk EllipticalResistance LevelsUsageTransport HandleBluetoothWeight (Approx.)
Cubii Go Elliptical8-level manual magnetic tensionSeatedRetractable handleNo11.8 kg
Orbitrek MX MiniNo resistance, only speed adjustment.SeatedFixedNo7 kg
YYFITT Desk MiniMultiple magnetic resistance levelsStanding & SeatedFixedNo12 kg
Exerpeutic 90014-level magnetic tensionSeatedFixedYes14 kg
DeskCycle Ellipse8 levels of magnetic resistanceSeatedFixedNo13.5
Sunny Health Fitness Mini8 levels of magnetic resistanceSeatedFixedNo12 kg
Discover Your Perfect Under Desk Elliptical: Compare Resistance, Usage, Bluetooth, and More in One Glance! Find Your Ideal Fit for Seamless Workouts Anywhere, Anytime.

Cubii Go: Seated Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Junior Seated Under Desk Elliptical
Compact and Comfortable: Cubii Go

On the hunt for the perfect addition to your daily fitness regime? Let me introduce you to the Cubii Go desk elliptical – a true game-changer in the realm of fitness tech. As someone who’s been around the block with these office desk exercise machines, I can vouch for its unmatched effectiveness. But before you dive in headfirst, take it from me: proceed with caution and mind your limits.

This isn’t my first rodeo with Cubii – having owned the previous Pro version, I was initially enamored by its Bluetooth capabilities and seamless integration with the Cubii app. However, my journey took an unexpected turn when I got sciatica (not sure what caused it) and ended up with near-permanent damage to my lower back and couldn’t set more than 5-10 minutes for a long time. Years later, armed with newfound wisdom and a lumbar support for my working chair, I took the plunge once again with the Cubii Go to complement my grueling work hours.

The Cubii Go boasts a sleek design and compact footprint, making it ideal for both home and office use. Its 2 pedals offer a unique twist on traditional ellipticals, providing a seated workout experience that won’t disrupt your coworkers. With 8 resistance levels and intuitive controls, you can tailor your workout to suit your fitness level and goals.

But here’s the kicker: don’t let its simplicity fool you. Pushing the limits can have dire consequences, as I learned the hard way. Attempting to burn over 600 calories in a single day left me sidelined with painful ankles – a reminder of the importance of moderation. I highly recommend sticking to a maximum of 400 calories per day to avoid injury and maintain a healthy weight loss pace.

Setting up the Cubii Go is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly manual and intuitive design. While it lacks automatic resistance and resistance bands, found in the Cubii Total Body, it more than makes up for it with its affordability and ease of use.

In conclusion, the Cubii Go desk elliptical is a must-have for anyone looking to add a dose of activity to their sedentary lifestyle. Just remember: with great power comes great responsibility. Exercise caution, stay within your limits, and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier you.


  • The patented pedal motion of Cubii is ergonomically angled and super comfortable
  • Noiseless functionality
  • 8 resistance magnetic levels 
  • Excellent durability and warranty
  • Low impact on the joint
  • Easy to carry around with extendable handle


  • No arm resistance bands for upper body workout.
  • Can’t change resistance on the Cubii application.
  • No Bluetooth on the Go model (only on Total Body and JR1).
  • It’s slippery unless used on the mat provided by Cubii.

Orbitrek MX Mini: Seated Under Desk Elliptical Bike

Orbitrek MX Mini Seated Under Desk Elliptical Bike
Efficient Seated Workouts: Orbitrek MX Mini

As someone who’s familiar with traditional under-desk ellipticals, the Orbitrek MX Mini surprised me with its powered mechanism. Unlike conventional models where resistance comes from leg power, this one relies on the elliptical’s motor. Consequently, it lacks the usual resistance workout. In essence, it’s akin to a seated treadmill more than an under-desk elliptical.

But does that make it useless? Not at all. Sitting for extended periods can significantly impact leg circulation due to pressure. The Orbitrek MX Mini addresses this by promoting movement, which helps alleviate this pressure. While it won’t give you a cardio marathon, it does wonders for leg circulation.

If I were to evaluate it solely as an under-desk elliptical, the lack of resistance might deter some users. However, its real value lies in its circulation-boosting capabilities. Despite wishing for adjustable angles, I found a comfortable position with a bit of adjustment.

Although it lacks resistance, it offers multiple speed options. Compared to other models like Cubii, its motorized pedals make it easier to use. This machine is a boon for individuals recovering from accidents or knee replacements, as it takes the strain off pedalling.

Setting it up was straightforward, but its weight may pose a challenge for those with limited strength. Unlike some competitors like Cubii Go, it lacks an extendable transport handle, requiring manual lifting.

Despite these drawbacks, the Orbitrek MX Mini shines as one of the UK’s top under-desk ellipticals. Its robust construction and plug-in design make it suitable for both home and office use. The absence of power assistance adds to its versatility.

Featuring a single-position support and elliptical path, it excels in seated pedalling but falls short for standing workouts. The LCD monitor displays time, counts, distance, speed, and calories, while its large slip-proof pedals ensure safety during intense sessions.

Compact and lightweight, the Orbitrek operates quietly, making it suitable for quiet environments. Despite lacking Bluetooth connectivity, it offers smooth operation and easy speed adjustment.

Positive Aspects:

  • Smooth transition between forward and backward pedalling.
  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Intuitive speed control.
  • Built-in display monitor and large anti-slip pedals.
  • Transportation handle for easy movement.
  • Easy resistance adjustment due to motorized operation.

Negatives Aspects:

  • Unsuitable for standing use.
  • Requires electricity to function.
  • Lacks resistance variety, with only speed adjustments.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity for workout tracking.
  • Pedal motions could be more angled for improved ergonomics.

YYFITT Desk Mini: Standing & Seated Elliptical

YYFITT Desk Mini Standing & Seated Elliptical
Versatile Workout Options: YYFITT Desk Mini

In reviewing elliptical under desk bikes in the UK, the YYFITT Mini Bike is an easy pick due to its outstanding features that separate it from many of its kind. Sharing the sitting and standing feature of the Jackomcom under desk elliptical, this bike is designed to fit perfectly in a small home and office spaces.

It’s 3-step, adjustable angles equip you to adjust the pedals to seated or standing training as it tickles your fancy. The smooth elliptical trajectory of the pedals recreates real-life body movement, helping to tone your leg muscles and abs at great length.

You can adjust this machine’s wheels for easy displacement and transport. The high-performance nature of its built presents an infinitely variable magnetic resistance with a digital display that shows you data on RPM, distance covered, calorie consumption, and pedalling speed while you stand or sit.

YYFITT Mini Bike is small but sturdy. This is good since the sturdier the greater the balance. You’re sure of not skidding off while peddling and since safety is Paramount in your fitness journey, the safety of this desk design should make it a worthy choice.


  • Noiseless operation and built-in chair wheel hook
  • Smaller profile, fits into small spaces
  • Variable Magnetic Resistance
  • Can be used standing and seated


  • Heavy and not easy to move around
  • No Bluetooth to track your daily progress
  • No warranty available other than Amazon’s 30 day return.

Exerpeutic 900: Bluetooth Under Desk Elliptical

Exerpeutic 900 Bluetooth Under Desk Elliptical
Smart Fitness Companion: Exerpeutic 900

I purchased the Exerpeutic 900 bluetooth under desk elliptical to review and incorporate into my home office setup over the past couple of weeks. While the My Cloud Fitness app functions adequately, it falls short compared to the Cubii app in terms of features and usability. Unlike the Cubii app, My Cloud Fitness doesn’t provide cumulative exercise tracking, acting more like a monitor that only operates during exercise sessions. For comprehensive tracking, I rely on my Fitbit, which accurately records cycling movements as steps.

This elliptical excels when permanently installed under the desk, with the chair wheels engaged to the adjustable hook. In my experience, this unique hook sets it apart from other under desk ellipticals, providing superior stability during workouts. However, for those looking to exercise while watching TV from a sofa, I’d recommend a more compact option like the DeskCycle or Cubii. Additionally, due to its 23.8 pounds weight, this machine isn’t ideal for frequent relocation.

I also own the DeskCycle, which boasts a lightweight design suitable for moving between rooms and even taking to business meetings. While the DeskCycle serves as a stable standalone machine, the Exerpeutic 900 remains a permanent fixture under my desk. Nevertheless, it offers a smooth and quiet workout experience, making it a worthwhile investment.

One notable advantage of the Exerpeutic 900 is its independence from electricity, unlike the Orbitrek, though its battery life doesn’t match the Cubii’s large built-in battery. Powered by AA batteries, it provides sufficient functionality but falls short in endurance compared to its competitors.

Featuring 14 levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance, the Exerpeutic 900 allows users to customize their workout intensity by twisting the knob on the mini elliptical. However, the resistance cannot be adjusted through the My Cloud app, as it lacks motorization. For automatic resistance adjustments, the Cubii Total Body remains the sole under desk elliptical option.

Backed by a one-year warranty and quick assembly, the Exerpeutic 900 proves to be a valuable investment for UK buyers. Its user-friendly design, highlighted by the ergonomic handle for easy carriage, makes it a top choice for those seeking a convenient and effective under desk elliptical solution.

Positive Aspects:

  • Extendable chair hook for stability.
  • 14 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • Bluetooth Smart Technology.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy carriage.


  • Taller pedal height may require a taller desk.
  • Circular motion rather than elliptical motion.

DeskCycle Ellipse: New Under Desk Elliptical

DeskCycle Ellipse New Under Desk Elliptical
Innovative Design: DeskCycle Ellipse

One of the newest additions to the Deskcycle family, this under desk is rich in high-quality features that are easily noticeable at first glance. One of them is how it fits under a desk as short as 24 inches, making it easy for users of any height to pedal away without hiccups.

The pedal of the DeskCycle Ellipse moves seamlessly and without noise, making it appropriate in your workplace since you won’t have to think about how your under desk may affect others. The desk comes with a large print LCD, a detachable piece that can come up over your desk to reveal the distance you have travelled, RPM, calories burned, and heart rate. This is not unlikely with the general features of under desk brands we can lay out hands-off, but the efficiency of the DeskCycle Ellipse: Under Desk Elliptical Black alongside its claims makes it an easy favourite among many.

This under desk comes with 8 different levels of resistance, most users are fine at level 6 since that is a pretty good workout stage on a norm. The pedals can be used in both forward and backward motions, and the sturdiness in this design means you wouldn’t be afraid of it skidding off while in use. This is essential for your safety since under desk would not usually require attention, and a skid off could, even with low impact, turn injurious.

One of the perks of the DeskCycle Ellipse: Under Desk, Elliptical Black is the free web-based activity tracking software that the manufacturer put as an add-on. You simply just input the number you see on the display screen and in a wand, the software predicts how many calories you’ve expended during your workout. 


  • A wider range of workout resistance tension
  • Solid desk grip technology that prevents skidding 
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance
  • Free activity tracking software with mobile compatibility 


  • Heavy to carry from one place to another
  • No Bluetooth to track your daily steps/rpms, calories, etc
  • Less durable than a few other mini desk ellipticals in this review
  • Warranty not available
  • No built-in wheel stopper/hook unlike Exerpeutic 900

Sunny Health Fitness Mini: Seated Under Desk Elliptical

Sunny Health Fitness Mini Seated Under Desk Elliptical
Compact and Effective: Sunny Health Fitness Mini

This is the last pick in our list of best elliptical under desk machines in the UK. Built for cardiovascular fitness full-scale, the Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Exercise Cross Trainer features a front-mounted flywheel which the manufacturer highlights in the design specifically for seated exercise. That implies that irrespective of your speed in motion while pedalling, you can be sure not to skid off, even in transition.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Exercise Cross Trainer possesses adjustable resistance for intensive and casual workouts. Its advanced LCD outputs your pulse, distance covered, time spent, and speed in real-time. It also embeds an enhanced scan mode that displays some intelligence in deciding what routine may be best for your fitness goals.

Steely and confident to sight, this under-desk elliptical bike is fascinating at first glance, fielding a front wheel that is easy to move. The maximum weight it can carry is 100kg. The detailed instruction manual appears technical and may require some more time to understand than necessary, especially when compared to other desk elliptical bikes in the market with a set up time of mostly 5 minutes.


  • Forward and backward motion support
  • Affordable price and stable base
  • Moving handlebar
  • Silent magnetic resistance


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • A little heavy to handle at 11kg (24lb)
  • Can’t be used standing

Your Guide to the Best Under Desk Ellipticals in the UK

With an avalanche of brands sitting on the display desk of offline stores and the white background of online retail outlets, settling for the right under desk elliptical can prove daunting even to the most astute of shoppers. This is because nearly all brands push to the fore of advertisement banners with similar specificity that makes selecting the right under the desk a tad confusing. 

While some models are best for cardio-intensive cardio training sessions, others fit only for casual and less intense use, especially in rehabilitation, progressive fitness, and low-intensity physical activity in the office or home. In settling for an under-desk elliptical, an outline of factors should be dutifully considered. This guide, worthy of mention, is most beneficial if you’re looking to test you’re proposed under desk bike before buying. Here are a few things to look out for when buying: 

Deciphering Operational Noise Levels

Operational Noise Levels Under Desk Elliptical
Deciphering Operational Noise Levels

Unlike upright desk bikes in the house, under desk ellipticals have little margin of error for cranks and noise. This is because they are mostly mobile and, then in homes, gain usage in offices where other staff members may share a workspace. While you may not be able to know the noise level of your choice bike over the sales pages, reading comprehensive under desk elliptical reviews in the UK from other buyers can help you understand the workings of your proposed under desk.

Prioritizing Comfort and Safety Features

Comfort and Safety Features Under Desk Elliptical
Prioritizing Comfort and Safety Features

Comfort and Safety dominate the list of needs when purchasing any item. Your feet must glue perfectly to the pedal, and anything short may be an unhealthy choice. You can know which pedal is fitting by paying attention to the information on its size, anti-slip design (if any). You should also lookout for an adjustable strap that may make the pedals suitable for a range of foot sizes. 

Exploring Varied Resistance Levels

Varied Resistance Levels Under Desk Elliptical
Exploring Varied Resistance Levels

The functionality of a good mini stepper or an under desk compact elliptical revolves primarily around its resistance level. The higher the level of resistance on display, the faster you tone your muscles and burn calories. In settling for a product, ensure it features different resistance levels. It is worthy of note that resistance levels are not permanent, taking time to invest in a machine popular for durability can help you in selecting the best choice. 

Sizing Up Your Ideal Desk Elliptical

Ideal Desk Elliptical Size Comparison
Sizing Up Your Ideal Desk Elliptical

Size matters here, and despite your under desk is expected to be small by design, observable differences still exist in the sizes of different brands. Small size under desk ellipticals are easier to carry about, and considering size can help avoid the stress that comes from mobility. 

Assessing Build Quality for Long-Term Durability

Build Quality Under Desk Elliptical
Assessing Build Quality for Long-Term Durability

You want the best under the desk elliptical in the UK that will last longer, and the quality of materials in use for your proposed bike can say so much about the quality. Generally, steely designs are the standard. Plasticized designs are not durable and should not be settled for. Consider the built of the flywheel, resistance level, and LCD quality when buying as this can influence the longevity of your under the desk ellipticals in the UK.

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