The Ultimate Guide to Best Spin Bike Pedals in the UK

Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of the spin bike pedal world? I won’t pretend there’s a universal answer to the best spin bike pedals – our cycling shoes are a mix as varied as a British tea selection. Some go for SPD cleats, others vibe with Look Delta, and let’s not forget the SPD-SL gang. It’s a spinning shoe showdown, but fear not – I’ve sifted through the finest spin bike pedals for each category. Your perfect match is just a pedal away.

Whether you’re all about that group studio cycling life or spinning it up at home, the key to a game-changing indoor cycling workout lies in the right pedal. These exercise bike pedals are more than tools; they’re your sidekicks, turning every indoor cycling ride into a smooth, endurance-boosting, downright awesome journey.

Best Overall Recommendations: BV and Shimano Pedals

Alright, spin bike enthusiasts, let’s cut to the chase – I’ve done the legwork (or should I say pedal work) for you. Here are my top spin bike replacement pedal picks if you’re in a hurry to up your indoor cycling game:

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as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am
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2 new from £67.27
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Spin Bike Replacement Pedals Comparison Table

FeatureBV Spin Bike PedalsSpinner NXT Two-Sided PedalWellgo E229 Spin Bike PedalsProvo Spin Bike PedalsVenzo 3-1 Bike Pedal SetBV Look Delta & SPD PedalShimano EPDM520S SPD Pedals
CompatibilitySPD & CageSPD & CageSPD & CageSPD & CageSPD, Look Delta, CageSPD & Look DeltaSPD
Dual-Sided DesignYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Weight800 grams1000 grams800 grams730 grams1200 grams600 grams380 grams
Adjustable TensionYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Cleats IncludedYesNoYesNoYesNoNo
Toe ClipsYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Explore the features and performance of various spin bike pedals to find the perfect fit for your indoor cycling journey.

BV Spin Bike Pedals: The Ultimate Dual-Sided SPD Experience

Best Replacement Pedals for Spin Bikes - BV Dual-Sided SPD Experience
Clip in with confidence – BV Spin Bike Pedals, your best replacement pedals for spin bikes.
BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16'' Pedals
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Ah, the BV Spin Bike Pedals – the crème de la crème for dedicated spinners, providing the ultimate dual-sided SPD experience. When it comes to Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD), we’re talking about a system that’s been finely tuned to elevate the aerodynamics of your pedaling, turning your indoor spinning sessions into a velvety-smooth affair. These pedals aren’t just dominating the indoor spin scene in the UK; they’re redefining the entire game.

What’s the secret sauce? The quality of tension adjustable SPD system does wonders both on and off the bike, enhancing pedaling efficiency with a myriad of shoe and pedal styles. The recessed cleat not only amps up your cycling game but also adds a touch of comfort to your post-ride stroll. Greater efficiency, stability, and comfort – that’s what the SPD system brings to the pedal party.

And here’s the cherry on top – the BV promise. While we pour our heart into crafting high-quality and reliable products, we acknowledge that glitches might happen. If you encounter any hiccups, our customer service is at your beck and call, committed to finding a solution for you.

Now, let’s talk specifics. The benefits are aplenty – pre-installed toe clips and straps for a hassle-free assembly, compatibility with a variety of bike frames, and adjustable nylon straps with aluminum clips to tailor-fit your cycle setup. Whether you’re rocking SPD or casual shoes, these pedals are your ticket to gym and family bliss.

Installation? A breeze. Adjusting tension? As easy as pie. With compatibility for most mountain and indoor bikes, these pedals are versatile. The SPD cleats, included in the package, offer adjustable tension for that perfect clip-in and out feeling.

However, let’s address the elephant in the room – the price. Quality comes at a cost, and these pedals, being among the top-tier indoor spin cycle pedals in the UK, might lean a bit towards the pricier side. But trust me, they’re worth every penny.

In conclusion, these exercise bike replacement pedals aren’t just an arrival; they’re a game-changer. Installing seamlessly on Schwinn IC800, Echelon and many other magnetic indoor bikes and boasting quality that speaks for itself, they’ve put an end to the pedal sloppiness. Tight, reliable, and a joy to use – that’s the BV Spin Bike Pedals experience. I’m not just happy; I’m thrilled, and I can’t recommend them enough for your spin journey.

Spinner NXT Two-Sided Pedal: Elevate Your Spin Cycling

Clip In Pedals for Spin Bikes - Spinner NXT Two-Sided Pedal
Elevate your ride – Spinner NXT Two-Sided Pedal, the ultimate clip-in pedals for spin bikes.
Spinning NXT Two-Sided Indoor Cycling Pedals
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Now, let’s talk about the Spinner NXT Two-Sided Pedal – the secret weapon for elevating your spin bike exercise game. Specifically crafted for the indoor cycling arena, these pedals are more than just footrests; they’re performance enhancers. With a larger axle and sealed bearings, they’ve etched their place as one of the best spin bike pedals out there.

Imagine this – an innovative pedal created specifically for home spin bikes, featuring a dual-sided design equipped with molded toe cages, SPD-compatible pedal systems, sleek anodized aluminum bodies, and a robust stainless steel axle. It’s akin to possessing an exclusive VIP pass to the most exhilarating indoor cycling party ever.

What sets these pedals apart? Well, the larger axle and spacious pedal area work magic, ensuring a smoother ride that accommodates shoes or cleats of all sizes. Each pedal is a double-sided marvel, playing nice with SPD cleats and an array of accessories. Now, some skeptics in the reviewer squad questioned their compatibility with certain mountain biking cleats, so I’d say, stick to indoor or spin-cycle exclusive accessories for the optimum spin experience.

Durability? Check. Heavy-duty spinning? Absolutely. These pedals are built to endure the toughest spins, regardless of your experience level or body type. Yes, they lean towards the pricier end of the pedal spectrum, but for committed spinners seeking a heavy-duty, flexible spin pedal that caters to every shoe and cleat preference, they’re a non-negotiable.

In the world of pedals, they may not have the BV pedal’s top-tier quality, but in a pinch, when the BVs are playing hard to get, these could be your go-to alternative. Just a heads-up, cleats don’t come in the package, and yes, they might tug a bit at your wallet strings. Yet, they snugly fit on my indoor bike, offering the versatility of clips or flat shoes. They might be a tad on the larger and heavier side, but trust me, in a market that doesn’t boast an abundance of alternatives, these stationary bike pedals are a noteworthy contender. So, if you find yourself pedal-less in the BV hunt, give these a spin – they might just surprise you.

Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals: Precision and Power Combined

SPD Compatible 9/16" (14mm) Pedals with Toe Clips - Wellgo E229 Precision and Power
Precision meets power – Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals, SPD compatible 9/16” pedals with toe clips.
Wellgo WPD-E003 SPD Compatible Indoor Bike Pedals
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Let me recount a story of exceptional pedal – the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals, where accuracy and strength unite to redefine the indoor cycling encounter. Imagine this: robust and incredibly versatile, these pedals are not just ordinary spin bike partners; they are the unsung champions of my cycling journey. Crafted to cater to any need and grace any standard spin bike, they may sound like your average pedals, but trust me, they’re anything but.

Now, let’s dive into the details. With a 9/16” thread (14mm), these pedals snugly fit most brands – from the Peloton to the Schwinn, and more – ensuring a dual-spin experience that’s nothing short of sensational. And yes, they’re SPD compatible, a must for any spin aficionado seeking that extra edge in their cycling game. The heavy-duty aluminum body, armed with three-sealed bearings, becomes my trusted ally, ready to withstand the intensity of any workout over the long haul.

Here’s where it gets exciting – these pedals play nice with both regular athletic trainers and those special cycling shoes. One side boasts an adjustable strap for the casual trainer enthusiasts, while the other flaunts an SPD interface, ready to embrace the clipless cycling shoe connoisseurs. The kit comes complete with two pedals, two clip straps, and two 98A SPD cleats – your ticket to the clipless spin realm. They’ve become my go-to recommendation for any broken pedals, saving the day when an original is elusive or a replacement comes with a hefty price tag.

Now, the conclusion – the sweet epilogue to this replacement indoor bike pedal saga. These pedals don’t just arrive; they come bearing gifts in the form of complimentary SPD cleats, making them reasonably priced. Yes, they carry a bit more weight than your typical Shimano pedal, a testament to the durability of their materials. But guess what? It’s a small price to pay for the robust performance they deliver. Coming in at 800 grams, they outshine the Spinner pedals, which tip the scales at almost 1.5 kgs.

Now, let me share a personal snippet. I stumbled upon these pedals after acquiring a NordicTrack bike with cage pedals that left much to be desired. My first encounter with the NordicTrack at a friend’s place had set high expectations, but alas, the delivered version fell short. Enter the Wellgo E229, recommended through the grapevine of Facebook. They turned out to be the spitting image of the gym-used pedals – comfortable, easy to install, and a breeze to adjust for riders of all stripes. They not only outshone the NordicTrack version but also came with a friendlier price tag. Needless to say, I’m thrilled with my purchase, and I wholeheartedly recommend these pedals to anyone seeking pedal perfection in their spin bike journey.

Provo Spin Bike Pedals: Ride in Style and Comfort

Two-Sided Cycling Pedals - Provo Spin Bike Pedals, Ride in Style and Comfort
Ride in style and comfort with Provo Spin Bike Pedals – your two-sided cycling companion.
PROVO Hybrid Bike Pedal with Toe Clip and Straps
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Experience the ultimate journey with the Provo Spin Bike Pedals – the perfect solution for riding in both style and comfort, all while staying within your budget. Imagine the scenario: budget-friendly replacement pedals with cleats that seamlessly integrated into my spin bike realm. Tailored for a diverse range of spin bike riders, regardless of expertise or body type, these pedals redefine the spinning workout experience, making every ride a smooth, rolling delight.

Crafted to endure the long-haul spin sessions, the Provo pedals boast a robust aluminum body with an extra heavy-duty 9/16″ axle and 3 sealed bearings – a testament to their durability. These pedals joined my spin bike as a beacon of affordability and practicality, offering a multipurpose design. One side dons an SPD style clipless setup, while the other welcomes the classic clip and strap combo. Oh, and here’s the kicker – you can ditch the clip/cage in 30 seconds for a normal ride or an SPD click. It’s a versatile duo that won’t break the bank.

The journey gets even more interesting with the Provo pedals’ SPD adjustment system, allowing me to dial in the perfect tightness for my ride. The adjustment screw nestled in the middle of the pedal reflector became my go-to tool for a personalized spin experience. And let’s talk control – metal grips on the bottom and nylon straps on top kept my feet snugly in place, ensuring stability and control while pedaling. The anti-slip texture design added an extra layer of safety to my movements, securing my footing on the pedal.

Now, the conclusion – not the heavyweight champion like Spinner, BV, or Wellgo, but certainly a contender in the budget-friendly category. Fitting these pedals to my spin bike was a breeze, transforming my workouts compared to the lackluster cage pedals that came with my Echelon EX15. They may not boast the same sturdiness, but for the price, the Provo pedals offer good value and have earned their place in my spin journey. Affordability meets quality in the Provo pedals, priced just under thirty pounds, a pocket-friendly option that includes a pair of cleats and all the accessories needed for attachment or substitution onto my budget spin bike.

Venzo 3-1 Look+SPD+Cage Pedal Set: Versatility Redefined

SPD Compatible Indoor Bike Pedals - Venzo 3-1 Look+SPD+Cage Pedal Set, Versatility Redefined
Versatility redefined – Venzo 3-1 Look+SPD+Cage Pedal Set, the choice for SPD compatible indoor bike pedals.
VENZO 3 in 1 Look Delta, Cage and SPD Spin Bike Pedals
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Let me take you on a spin through my experience with the Venzo 3-1 Look+SPD+Cage Pedal Set – a true game-changer in the world of pedal versatility. Now, I’ll be honest, these pedals aren’t my go-to recommendation unless your household resembles a mini cycling hub with a variety of shoe preferences. Picture this: you rocking SPD shoes, your wife striding in Look Delta footwear, and your son keeping it casual with regular gym shoes. Or maybe you’re like me, juggling three pairs of shoes for different occasions. That’s where these 3-1 pedals shine – in their unmatched versatility.

When these pedals joined my spin bike setup, they brought with them an enhanced ease and functionality that catered to every shoe type in my collection that I bought through years to write reviews on the site. One touch of the lever with the provided tool, and the toe cage easily vanished, revealing a Look Delta and SPD-compatible cleat connection, opening up a world of options for my rides. The 14mm (9/16) thread ensured a perfect fit for my indoor spin bike, making these pedals a go-to for any spin enthusiast.

Now, let’s talk about the multi-function set – a stellar 3-in-1 package that accommodates Look Delta Peloton shoes and cleats, Shimano SPD MTB shoes and cleats, or just regular sneakers with the toe clip cages. This set, tailored for spin bikes, flaunts a die-cast aluminum body with a heavy-duty oversized CNC Cr-Mo 9/16″ Axle and sealed bearings for that smooth ride. It’s a friendly reminder not to mix these pedals with road or MTB counterparts on spin bikes – they’re made for indoor cyclisits, not road warriors.

The adjustable quality cages caught my attention – engineered from heavy-duty plastic, they’re designed for spin or road bikes with Look Delta-style pedals, ensuring an optimized riding position no matter the size of your feet. The creative cage removal tool, a handy addition to the set, made taking off the cages a breeze, compatible with LOOK Delta system.

Ordering these pedals came with a worry-free guarantee – a 2-year warranty that spoke volumes about the product quality. The triple functions of riding with Look Delta road cleats, Shimano SPD MTB shoes, or regular sneakers with toe clips made these pedals a versatile choice for any spin bike adventure.

Now, let’s get real about the conclusion. These pedals, though not boasting the same sturdiness as some heavyweight contenders, offer good value for the price. Their ease of fitting to my spin bike made them a practical addition, ensuring a smoother and safer experience compared to my previous setup. They may not be the go-to for everyone, but if versatility is your game, the Venzo 3-1 Look+SPD+Cage Pedal Set is a ride worth considering for your indoor bike. They also come with Look and spd cleats so you don’t need to buy those either.

BV Look Delta & SPD Pedal: Unleash Performance on Every Ride

Spin Bike Hybrid Pedal with Toe Clip and Straps - BV Look Delta & SPD Pedal
Unleash performance – BV Look Delta & SPD Pedal, your spin bike hybrid pedal with toe clip and straps.
BV Bike 9/16'' Dual Pedals Compatible with SPD and Look
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Let me share my firsthand encounter with the Shimano PD-RS500 Pedal Set, a groundbreaking innovation crafted for avid indoor cycling enthusiasts such as myself. Now, take a peek at the picture I shared – notice anything different? These pedals skip the cages and go straight for the SPD and Look Delta clipping area. Now, these aren’t your regular gym shoe pedals; they’re made for indoor cycling heroes sporting Look Delta or SPD/MTB shoes. If you’re strutting your stuff with Look Delta shoes or rocking a Peloton Bike or Bike+ that needs a set of new pedals, these pedals are your golden ticket. But wait, don’t get tangled up – they’re not SPD-SL or Look KEO compatible; they’re the perfect match for SPD and Look Delta cleats, the ones that sync seamlessly with Peloton shoes and pedals.

In my humble abode, these pedals became the unsung heroes, especially with the versatility they bring to the table. Picture this: I’m geared up with SPD shoes, and my partner’s rocking Look shoes. These pedals, unlike the Peloton originals, boast dual sides, accommodating both our cycling shoe preferences with a satisfying click into place.

Crafted from heavy-duty ED painted aluminum, these pedals are a durable delight. They play nice with both SHIMANO SPD Cleats and Look Delta Cleats, ensuring compatibility with Peloton or any spin bike with a 9/16″ spindle. The dual function design allows me to seamlessly switch between riding with Look Delta cleats or Shimano SPD cleats, offering a customised experience tailored to my cycling shoe choice. Plus, the adjustable cleats tension ensures the perfect clip in and out, adding that extra layer of personalisation to my rides.

Now, the conclusion – these top rated spin bike replacement pedals have seamlessly woven themselves into my cycling setup as the perfect hybrid. Swapping them in was a breeze, and they exude a solid build quality. With adjustable peddle tension and a robust metal construction (except for the plastic rear clip on the Look side, no different from the OEM pedal), these pedals make a compelling replacement for Peloton pedals without breaking the bank. Clicking in and out is a joy straight out of the box – no adjustments needed. They ride in serene quietness, and the bearings feel rock-solid. Overall, count me impressed. The only quibble? For the price, I wish they threw in the set of SPD and Look Delta cleats with these fantastic pedals.

Shimano EPDM520S SPD Pedals: Mastering Extreme Durability

Pedals for Indoor Exercise Bikes with 9/16 inch Axles - Shimano EPDM520S Mastering Extreme Durability
Mastering extreme durability – Shimano EPDM520S SPD Pedals, the choice for pedals with 9/16 inch axles.
SHIMANO PD-M520 SPD Indoor Cycling Bike Pedals
as of June 16, 2024 10:56 am

Jump on the saddle, and let’s cruise through my journey with the Shimano EPDM520S SPD Pedals – a real game-changer in the realm of spin bike enhancements. If you scroll up a bit, you’ll notice these are my top pick (despite being the last in this roundup article), and let me share a little secret – these pedals have clinched a coveted spot as one of my absolute darlings for spin bikes. Now, you might be wondering, what’s the hype all about? Well, let me spill the tea – these bad boys are the embodiment of hardcore durability without denting your wallet. Believe me, when it comes to spin bike pedals, durability is the MVP, and these pedals play that game like seasoned pros.

The EPDM520S pedals aren’t your go-to if you’re keen on the occasional switcheroo between regular gym shoes and specific clipping shoes with baskets. You see, there’s no cage on these pedals. However, what sets them apart is their feather-light weight – the lightest among the spin bike replacements I’ve put to the test for this article. But here’s the real kicker – these pedals boast not one, but two SPD sides. Yes, you heard that right. Two sides where you can confidently clip in your shoes, making them a lifesaver when one side decides to throw a tantrum and refuses to clip well.

These dual-sided SPD pedals are like the instrument of spin biking, offering fantastic value for money. They’re super-compact and ridiculously lightweight at just 380 grams per pair. The sealed cartridge bearing spindle ensures a smooth action, keeping water and mud at bay, while the open design helps shed mud effortlessly. Now, if you’re someone who likes to take the biking adventures outdoors or dabble in mountain biking, these pedals are your trusty sidekicks, providing an edge in grip, design, and overall performance, all seamlessly integrated with SPD.

In conclusion, these clipping pedals are the bee’s knees for anyone exclusively rocking SPD shoes for indoor cycling, with no desire for Look Delta or cage baskets for regular shoes. They arrived promptly, snugly packed and ready for action. Fitting them on my Schwinn IC800 was a breeze, and the click-in, click-off action is a dream, thanks to variable settings allowing for a firm or looser grip – perfect for everyone specially beginners finding their pedal rhythm. If you ever feel the need to tighten things up, an allen key is your friend. And let’s not forget the double-sided magic – no need to spin the pedals; just hop on, click in, and off you go. Whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or your trusty spin bike, these pedals have found a permanent home on all of mine.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Perfect Spin Bike Pedals

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Perfect Spin Bike Pedals - Helpful tips for selecting the ideal pedals for your spin bike.
Pedal perfection – A buyer’s guide to choosing the perfect spin bike pedals.

Prepare to elevate your cycling experience from mundane to extraordinary. Whether you have your sights set on the esteemed Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) or sleek, versatile BV dual sided spin bike pedals with cleats, your choice can redefine your entire workout. Let’s dive into key tips to discover your indoor bike pedal soulmate.

1. Double-Sided or Single-Sided:

  • Double-Sided Brilliance: Opt for the versatility of double-sided pedals equipped with straps, clips, or cleats if you want the freedom to switch between gym shoes and dedicated indoor cycling shoes. As the name implies, these pedals offer a dual-sided design, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Single-Sided Elegance: If you exclusively use dedicated clip-in shoes for indoor cycling, a single-sided pedal with minimal caging is your go-to. Ideal for those immersive indoor cycling sessions and a budget-friendly alternative to dual-sided pedals.

2. Double Check Cleat Compatibility:

  • SPD Pedals: If you rock SPD (aka MTB) shoes, grab a pair of SPD pedals for seamless compatibility.
  • Look Delta Pedals: Invest in Look-equipped pedals if you prefer Look Delta shoes and cleats.
  • SPD-SL Pedals: For those sporting SPD-SL shoes, make sure to opt for SPD-SL pedals to match.

3. Measure Your Thread Size:

  • Thread Basics: The majority of spin bikes use a 9/16” (14mm) thread for pedal spindles.
  • Check Compatibility: Before purchasing or replacing pedals, ensure your bike aligns with this standard pattern to avoid any compatibility issues down the road.

Keeping Your Spin Bike Pedals Shipshape: My Quick How-To Guide

Tips to Keep Them Ticking: Spin Bike Pedals - Essential tips to maintain the longevity and performance of your spin bike pedals.
Ticking with tips – Essential advice to keep your spin bike pedals in top-notch condition.

Alright, let’s talk about looking after your spin bike pedals to keep things running like a dream. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for your cycling experience. Now, if you glance up, you’ll see my top-notch pedal recommendations, and I’ve got the lowdown on how to keep them in top shape.

Tips to Keep Them Ticking:

Keeping Your Spin Bike Pedals Shipshape - A quick how-to guide for maintaining your spin bike pedals.
Spin smoothly – A quick how-to guide on keeping your spin bike pedals shipshape.
  1. Clean ‘Em Up: Give your pedals a good scrub regularly. Get rid of the dirt and gunk with a brush or a soft cloth, especially around those cleats and bearings.
  2. Grease It Right: A dab of bike-specific lube or WD40 on the moving bits – spindle and pivot points – is the secret sauce. Keeps things smooth and rust-free.
  3. Cleat Check: Keep an eye on your cleats for any wear and tear. If they’re looking worse for wear, swap them out pronto for a snug fit.
  4. Bolt Check: Every now and then, make sure there are no loose screws or bolts. Tighten ’em up using the right pedals tools and Allen keys.
  5. Tweak Tension: If your pedals are all about tension adjustment, play around with it until you find the sweet spot. It affects how easy it is to clip in and out.

Getting Them On Board:

Getting Them On Board: Spin Bike Pedals - Step-by-step guide to installing spin bike pedals for a smooth ride.
On board and rolling – A step-by-step guide to getting your spin bike pedals on board for a seamless ride.
  1. Match ‘Em Up: Double-check you’ve got the right pedals for your spin bike. Different bikes, different pedal styles – SPD, Look Delta, or regular flat pedals.
  2. Tools at the Ready: Grab the tools you need – an 8mm Allen wrench or a 15mm spanner pedal wrench usually does the trick. And peek at your bike’s manual for any special tools it fancies.
  3. Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosey: Identify the right one (marked R) and the left one (marked L). Now, remember this golden rule – tighten towards the front of the bike. Start with the right pedal, turning it clockwise. Then, move on to the left pedal, turning it counterclockwise.
  4. Grease Magic: Before you slap on the new pedals, add a smidge of bike grease to the threads. Smooth threading and no seizing – that’s the aim.
  5. Gentle Threading: Hand-thread those pedals into the crank arms. No rush, and make sure you’re not cross-threading. Once snug, bring in the wrench to do the heavy lifting. Nice and snug, not overkill.
  6. Cleats in Line: If your pedals rock cleats, line ’em up right with your cycling shoes. That means comfy and efficient riding.
  7. Testing, 1-2-3: Before you hit a long indoor cycling session or start your Peloton class, give those pedals a spin to make sure they’re snug as a bug. If anything feels wonky, adjust as needed.

Stick to these easy steps, and you’ll be treating your spin bike pedals right. A little TLC goes a long way for a smooth and reliable indoor cycling ride every time.

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