The Best Pedal Exercisers For Seniors and Recovery

Everyone in the United Kingdom could benefit by getting some fitness equipment in their life. After all, being fit benefits those same people. However, the combination of bad weather and lifestyle has made it much harder to get workouts in a more traditional manner. That’s why people have been turning to pieces of equipment that would fit at home and allow them to work out during their regular schedule. Thus, we introduce the best-rated pedal exerciser in the UK.

These act in the same manner as exercise bikes, but are designed to fit under a desk, on top of a table, or in front of a sofa to use while watching TV. With one of these, you can be having a video conference with colleagues or writing that report you need to get done, or watching your favorite Netflix show, all while getting that blood pumping in those lower legs. These are also great for seniors who need just a little bit of stimulation in their old age. So we’ve gathered a collection of some of the best pedal exercisers in the United Kingdom and have decided to share them!

Important Note! What makes the mini bikes different from the mini ellipticals is the fact that you can use the following mini bikes to either exercise your arms or your legs. That’s not the case with mini desk ellipticals as they can only be used for leg exercise. In fact, if you are thinking to buy one of these only for leg exercises, specially for under desk, I suggest you buy a mini elliptical because its elliptical motion has less impact on the joints and they are shorter so your knees don’t hit your desk.

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Compare The Best Mini Pedal Exercisers in the UK

Comparison of Under Desk Bikes
Comparison of Under Desk Bikes
DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise BikeYes, Perfect For Under Desk ExerciseNo Arm Exercise, Only Legs8 Levels Magnetic62L x 51W x 27H cm10 KgsCalorie, speed, time, distanceNo Transport Handles
MagneTrainer ER Pedal ExerciserNot For Under Desk ExerciseYes, Arm & Leg Pedal ExercisesAdjustable Magnetic50L x 40W x 45H cm10 KgsCalorie, speed, time, distanceWith Transport Handle
Exerpeutic 2000 Activ Recovery CycleCan Be Used But Not Ideal For Under DeskYes, Arm & Leg Pedal ExercisesNo Resistance (it has speed)40L x 40W x 33H cm8.5 KgsCalorie, speed, time, distanceWith Transport Handle
Niceday Mini Desk Exercise BikeCan Be Used But Not Ideal For Under DeskYes, Arm & Leg Pedal Exercises8 Levels Magnetic53L x 43W x 39H cm10.4 KgsCalorie, RPM, speed, time, distanceWith Transport Handle
Ultrasport Mini Desk Cycling BikeNot For Under Desk ExerciseYes, Arm & Leg Pedal ExercisesAdjustable Belt Friction40L x 40W x 30H cm4 KgsCalorie, count, time, distanceNo Transport Handle
Himaly Mini Exercise Peddler BikeNot For Under Desk ExerciseYes, Arm & Leg Pedal ExercisesAdjustable Belt Friction40L x 40W x 30H cm4 KgsCalorie, count, time, distanceNo Transport Handle
NRS Healthcare Pedal ExerciserCan Be Used But Not Ideal For Under DeskYes, Arm & Leg Pedal ExercisesAdjustable Friction48L x 37W x 30H cm2.7 KgsCalorie, count, rpm, time, distanceNo Transport Handle

DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise Bike

DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise Bike
DeskCycle 2: Perfect for Under Desk Workouts
New DeskCycle2

Up first on our list of the best-rated pedal exercisers in the UK, we have the DeskCycle 2 Mini Exercise Bike. As the name might indicate, this machine is an attempt to replicate the effectiveness of a regular exercise bike – just in a mini fashion.

The resistance used on the DeskCycle 2 is magnetic. This makes it a lot smoother and more maintenance-free than the friction-based resistance you might find elsewhere. There are 8 levels of resistance available by default. The machine is surprisingly quiet, even on the higher resistance levels.

These bikes tend to be rather small, as one would imagine. After all, they are only the pedals segment of a regular exercise bike. The dimensions of the DeskCycle 2 are as follows: it is 24.4 inches (62 cm) long, 20 inches (51 cm) wide and 12.2 inches (31 cm) long. As for how much it weighs, that number sits right around 22 lbs (10 kg).

On the higher resistance levels, the work you can get done starts to suffer somewhat. You’ll be swinging back and forth and less able to concentrate on that work. However, there is a nice medium zone that you should be able to pedal on and focus on work. You’ll also need to readjust your workstation in order to not hit your knees or anything on the desk. Annoying, but it isn’t the worst thing in the world.


The main upside to this best-rated under desk pedal exerciser is its compact low-profile design. And a downside to the DeskCycle 2 is the cost. It is priced around £150, which is a decent amount for one of these mini exercise pedallers. There are full exercise bikes that cost as much or less. There’s no sort of warranty information that we could find, which isn’t ideal.


  • Stylish Design: Enhance your home gym or workspace with the DeskCycle2’s sleek appearance.
  • Smooth Resistance: Effortlessly pedal through various resistance levels for a tailored workout.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy discreet workouts without disturbing others nearby.
  • Balanced Workout: Find the perfect intensity level for a comfortable yet effective exercise session.


  • Limited to Legs: The DeskCycle2 focuses solely on leg workouts, lacking options for arm exercises.
  • Pricey: Higher cost compared to alternatives may deter budget-conscious buyers.
  • Warranty Concerns: Unclear warranty information raises questions about product support.
  • Rearrangement Needed: Adjustments to workspace may be necessary to accommodate the DeskCycle2, potentially causing inconvenience.

MagneTrainer ER Pedal Exerciser

MagneTrainer ER Pedal Exerciser
MagneTrainer ER: Versatile Pedal Exerciser
Original MagneTrainer ER

In second place of our list of best pedal exercisers in the UK is the MagneTrainer ER. This machine looks more akin to a box with pedals, but might surprise you with the benefits.

The MagneTrainer ER, like the DeskCycle, uses a magnetic resistance system in order to challenge the user. However, we can’t say how many levels of resistance it actually has, as that isn’t listed anywhere. It claims to have “more than twice the resistance range of the other magnetic pedal exercisers”, but that isn’t an exact number.

The MagneTrainer ER is rather tall for one of these machines, making it less ideal for under-the-desk work. It measures out to be 20 inches (50.8) cm long, 16 inches (40.6 cm) wide and 18 inches (45.7 cm) tall. It weighs 22 lbs (10 kg).

The MagneTrainer ER would work well in medical or elderly environments. In these, where there are more open spaces for the users to actually set up and pedal (either with their arms or legs), it works quite well. However, as we alluded to above, the regular at-work cycling here would be a lot more difficult due to the size.


The cost of the MagneTrainer ER would be right around £50, which is the same as the DeskCycle 2. It does come with a 1-year warranty, which is comforting. All in all, the best pedal exerciser for leg and arm workout for the price. However, it’s not great for the office.


  • Customizable Resistance: Easily adjust resistance levels for tailored workouts.
  • Effective Workout: Achieve cardiovascular fitness with speeds up to 25km/h.
  • Sturdy Build: Durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability.
  • Compact and Portable: Easily store and transport for convenient use anywhere.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy peaceful workouts without disturbing others.


  • Stability Issues: Base design may compromise stability, especially at higher tensions.
  • Foot Strap Challenges: Straps may not provide sufficient support, leading to discomfort and slippage.
  • Limited Foot Insertion: Mobility issues may hinder foot insertion onto pedals.
  • Improvisation Required: Users may need to devise solutions for stability and usability concerns.

Exerpeutic 2000M Activ Recovery Cycle

Exerpeutic 2000M Activ Recovery Cycle
Exerpeutic 2000M: Advanced Recovery Cycle
Exerpeutic 2000M Bike

Up next is the slick looking Exerpeutic 2000M pedal exerciser for elderly. This white and blue pedal exerciser for seniors should provide some nice benefits to those who cannot find time to cycle regularly.

The system of resistance that is present in the Activ Cycle is one that we’ve seen before. However, there’s an extra element in play here. There’s a motor in this resistance system, which replaces the levels of resistance that you’d normally find. However, if you still want a challenging workout, you can turn that motor off and pedal, which would give you a similarly challenging workout. Basically there is no resistance but there is speed adjustment. Like treadmill, you decide how fast the motor turn the pedals.

The dimensions of the Exerpeutic 7101 are fairly straightforward. It measures out to be 17 inches (43 cm) long, 16 inches (40.6 cm) wide and 15 inches (38 cm) tall. The Activ Cycle also weighs 8.5 kg. The maximum weight of the machine sits at 350 lbs.

This machine does have a monitor that will display stats like time, distance, calories burnt and repetitions made. There’s a handle that allows for easy transportation, the pedals are foldable and it is compact enough to fit in most spaces. There are no built-in programs on the screen and no bottle holder, but that’s about the only weaknesses here.

For a price, the Exerpeutic 2000M Activ Cycle is a rather grand deal. It has very few faults, with the biggest one being that it doesn’t have resistance levels like many others seen in this pedal exerciser reviews in the UK (it has adjustable speed). Yet, even then, you can still get a good workout by turning off the motor. Overall, it is the best pedal exerciser for seniors in the UK.


  • Affordable & Effective: Exerpeutic 2000M offers budget-friendly yet efficient cycling.
  • Easy to Use: Simple design with adjustable speed for hassle-free workouts.
  • Health Benefits: Enhances strength, circulation, and overall well-being.
  • Doctor Recommended: Endorsed by medical professionals for therapy.
  • Long-Term Durability: Maintains reliability despite occasional issues.


  • Minor Stability Issues: Occasional movement despite stability pad.
  • Strap Tightness: Struggles with tighter straps for larger shoe sizes.
  • Pedal Durability: Some instances of pedal breakage over time.
  • No Resistance: There is no resistance on the pedals, only speed adjustment.

Niceday Mini Seated Exercise Bike

Niceday Mini Desk Exercise Bike
Niceday Mini: Compact Desk Bike
Niceday Foot Pedal Exerciser

Midway through our list, we have another entry arm and leg pedal exerciser from one of the familiar names in the biking field. This time it is the mini exercise bike from Niceday.

The resistance of the Niceday mini exercise bike reverts once again to the reliable trop of magnetism. You have 8 different resistance levels on this Leg and arm pedal exercise machine, while even the hardest level doesn’t make too much noise. It might take away some focus from work or school, however.

This is not a big piece of equipment. In fact, we’d say that it looks relatively spartan in comparison to many other pedal exercisers in the United Kingdom featured in this buying guide and comparison. The dimensions reflect this rather well. It is 23 inches (59 cm) long, 12.2 inches (31 cm) wide and 12.2 inches (31 cm) tall. It weighs 22 lbs (10.5 kg), with no maximum weight involved.

There is an LCD screen on the Dripex mini bike that shows stats like time, count, calories burned and total count. The pedals are non-slip and adjustable, while you also have resistance bands to add an extra dimension to the workout.

This is a little bit pricey for what you’re getting, but it’s a stable bike that offers a challenge when you want it. You’d be paying for stability and a quality build rather than any extra baubles.


  • Mobility Aid: Great for individuals with limited mobility, offering easy exercise from the comfort of a sofa or bed.
  • Durable Build: Appreciate its sturdy construction, providing a reliable and long-lasting exercise solution.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various users, including those with disabilities, helping them maintain muscle tone and fitness.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation and assembly cater to users of all abilities, with easy resistance adjustments.
  • Prompt Delivery: Quick delivery and courteous service ensure timely access to the product, enhancing the overall buying experience.


  • Limited Resistance: Despite the higher price, the range of resistance levels may disappoint, with minimal difference between settings.
  • Floor Stability: Tends to slip and wobble on rough laminated floors, potentially compromising user stability.
  • Noisy Operation: Produces noticeable noise, particularly at higher resistance levels, which may be distracting during use.

Ultrasport Mini Arm Exercise Bike

Ultrasport Mini Desk Bike
Ultrasport Mini: Affordable Desk Bike
Ultrasport Mini Bike

Coming in 7th place of our list of the best desk pedal exercisers in the UK, we have a mini bike from the good people of Ultrasport. Another simple looking bike, this mini pedal exerciser in the United Kingdom does well enough for those who want the blood pumping.

The resistance that comes with the Ultrasport mini bike is not mentioned anywhere. However, based on our experience, we are almost 100% sure this mini stepper uses a friction belt resistance which is not as quiet as magnetic resistance. It is still reasonably quiet and smooth when adjusted with the manual knob. It most certainly isn’t powered by any sort of motor or electricity.

As for how much space the Ultrasport portable pedal exerciser takes up and how much it weighs, it really isn’t too much at all. It measures out to be 14 inches (36 cm) long, 14 inches (36 cm) wide and 11.4 inches (29 cm) tall. It weighs 13 lbs (6 kg), with 4.4 (2) of those lbs (kg) being devoted to the flywheel.

There is an LCD monitor onboard this arm pedal exerciser. It can track statistics like scan, time, distance, rotations per exercise, total rotations and calorie consumption. That’s… really all it offers. There isn’t a whole lot else to include about this foot pedal exerciser. It’s features are pretty barren.

The Ultrasport mini bike is good for those who want a cheap bike that will provide almost nothing else besides a place to pedal their feet. It costs just around £50, so it is a very cheap bike. However, don’t be disappointed when it arrives and doesn’t have any of the advanced features that some of the more expensive ones do.


  • Improved Mobility: Helps individuals with limited mobility, like those with osteoarthritis, exercise comfortably at home.
  • Easy Assembly: Quick setup with included tools, suitable for users of all abilities.
  • Compact and Portable: Its small size allows for easy storage and use in different areas.
  • Multi-Tasking: Users can engage in other activities, like browsing the internet, while exercising.
  • Knee Mobility: Regular use leads to noticeable improvements in knee mobility and stability.


  • Limited Resistance: Some users find the resistance levels inadequate for intense workouts.
  • Inaccurate Tracking: The LCD display may not accurately track distance covered during workouts.
  • Subpar Arm Workout: Not ideal for effective upper body workouts due to inadequate resistance and stability.
  • Friction Belt Resistance: The resistance system may not provide consistent resistance.
  • Basic Features: Lacks advanced features like adjustable resistance settings, limiting versatility for some users.

Himaly Mini Exercise Peddler Bike

Himaly Mini Exercise Peddler Bike
Himaly Mini: Versatile Peddler Bike
himaly Pedal Exerciser

Nearing the end of our list, we come upon the Himaly Mini Exercise Bike. While it looks more like a brick than a bike, it should still do a job for those who choose it.

The resistance type, once again, is not actually named anywhere bust based on our experience it should be belt friction resistance which is not as good as magnetic resistance. This is rather annoying, but it still has some form of resistance being used. Regardless of the type, it uses a manual knob in order to allow you to switch between the resistance settings. It’s a vague system, but should allow you to get some work in.

The dimensions of the Himaly mini exercise bike should be fine for most people. It is quite narrow, so you should keep that in mind. It’s specific dimensions are (42 cm) long, (32 cm) wide and (20 cm) tall. It is listed as weighing about 6.6 lbs (3 kg), which seems extremely light.

There is an extremely small LCD screen that comes with this mini pedaller in the UK. It can show your time, count, calories and distance. The pedals are anti-slip, but once again, that’s about all the features available here.

The Himaly Mini Exercise Bike costs right around £31. This is cheap, but it has a few issues. Because it is so narrow, the LCD screen is nearly useless, as you can’t see it. The process of assembling the pedals is also a bit annoying, so one should keep that in mind as well.


  • Portable Design: The Himaly Mini Exercise Peddler Bike is easy to move and store at home.
  • Solid Construction: Once assembled, it offers stability for leg strengthening and low-impact exercise.
  • Affordable Price: It’s budget-friendly for improving leg strength or reducing fatigue.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for injury recovery or maintaining mobility from home.


  • Unstable Performance: Some users experience sliding issues, even with the anti-slip mat.
  • Limited Resistance: The friction belt system may not provide enough challenge for progressive workouts.
  • Complicated Assembly: Users may struggle with vague instructions, especially for attaching the pedals.
  • Lack of Advanced Features: It lacks clear screens or additional resistance settings found in higher-end models

NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser

NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser
NRS Healthcare: Reliable Pedal Exerciser
NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser

We reach the conclusion of the list of top 10 pedal bikes in the UK with the NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser. Coming from a healthcare provider, this desk pedal exerciser in the UK primarily targets those who are injured or elderly and need assistance keeping somewhat fit on the lower body.

The NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser uses “adjustable pedal resistance” as its form of resistance. Since this is basically a bunch of rods put together, there’s no room for a flywheel or anything like that. So the resistance is adjustable through a knob, though it doesn’t offer a very high ceiling of that resistance.

The dimensions of the pedal machine measure out to be 18.8 inches 48 cm) long, 14.5 inches (37 cm) wide and 10.7 inches (27 cm) tall. The machine is foldable, so it can be transported with the greatest of ease. It weighs a very light 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

There is a tiny LCD monitor that shows time duration, calories consumed, cycles & revolutions per minute (RPM). Other than that, there’s nothing here. It’s basically only used for rehabilitation purposes rather than regular fitness attempts.

For a price of around £25, this would be a fine gift to anyone elderly that might want or need some stimulation. Perhaps someone who is injured and recovering could also use it. For anyone else, this is quite a safe option to pass over and look elsewhere.


  • Affordable Price: The NRS Healthcare Pedal Exerciser is budget-friendly.
  • Portable: It’s lightweight and easy to move around.
  • Quiet: Works silently, suitable for watching TV.
  • Digital Display: Tracks rotations and exercise duration.


  • Limited Resistance: Not challenging enough.
  • Overheating: Gets hot quickly, especially at higher resistance levels.
  • Stability Issues: Tends to shift during use.
  • Difficult Foot Insertion: Inserting feet is tricky due to design.
  • Resistance Adjustment: Limited variability in resistance.
  • Limited Under-Desk Use: Not suitable for use under standard desks.

Buying Guide To Find the Best Mini Peddler

Now we’re going to state some of the individual components you should look at to make sure the bike you are interested in is right for you.

Type of Resistance: Many of these pedallers are powered by magnetic resistance systems that have preset settings for different challenges. However, some have more vague settings that are hard to determine. You’ll want to know how the one on your machine works before getting it.

Monitor: Normally you won’t find many flashy monitors in these exercise bikes in the UK. Often you will find that they will display basic statistics and that’s it. It’s mostly a case of whether or not the screen is backlit or large enough.

Price: Obviously how much you are willing to spend on one of these mini pedallers in the UK will determine which ones you look at more closely. One thing is for sure, the price doesn’t necessarily indicate quality when it comes to buying the best mini steppers or the best min desk bikes.

Size: The size of the desk pedal exerciser matters. If you want to use it to exercise underneath a desk or table, it will need to fit underneath that table. Some of these are relatively large, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when picking.

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