Best Gifts for Indoor Cyclists For All Budgets

The age old debate when it comes to giving gifts to people has always centered around the question of whether a good gift should be practical or fun and unique. It’s also a good sign that gifts should be centered around activities or hobbies the recipient enjoys. When it comes to indoor cyclists, giving gifts centered around indoor biking or cycling is a great way to signal your appreciation and excitement for the person who’s receiving the gift as well as showing that you pay attention to their interests and passions. Luckily for you, there are many great gifts for bikers and cycling enthusiasts that you can use!

Indoor cycling is an exciting hobby and sport that many people enjoy. This whole-body exercise routine makes for a great activity for all kinds of exercise enthusiasts, and finding ways to support a person’s indoor cycling journey can be one of the top gifts for cyclists and other cycling enthusiasts. Whether your gift is practical or exciting, gifting any of these useful items to indoor cyclists means you’re giving one of the best gifts for cyclists possible today.

Indoor Exercise Bike

The very best gift you can give an indoor cyclist or even outdoor biker is an indoor bike. An indoor bike is an incredible training tool and a valuable piece of fitness equipment for indoor use year-round. Powerful and streamlined indoor cycles can offer reliable training for outdoor competitions as well as allow you to tap into other cycle activities such as indoor spinning classes. Indoor cycles offer all the same functions and use as outdoor bikes but are stationary, compact, and portable, making them reliable exercise choices for people who need flexible workout solutions.

An indoor bike is one of the best gifts for cycling enthusiasts because it provides instant access to high-quality cycling exercise at a moment’s notice from anywhere without requiring time or good weather outside to use. A gifted indoor cycle can transform any cyclist into an indoor cycling fanatic simply by providing them with functional and versatile fitness equipment that provides smooth and quiet cycling exercise 24/7. Indoor bikes offer constant access to consistently quality cycling, and for the true indoor cycling enthusiast, they make the perfect gift.

Of course, depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can find machines with the most different price tags. So you can decide to buy a top-notch gift such as a commercial-grade spin bike such as the Life Fitness IC7 or a more budget indoor cycle for under $500 such as the EFITMENT IC031.

Indoor Cycling Shorts

Indoor cycling shorts are an absolutely required part of a cyclist’s uniform, whether you’re a casual rider or a committed elite indoor cyclist. Riding an indoor cycle is a challenging physical activity that involves continual pressure and chafing between the rider and the saddle of the bike. Improperly padded saddles or poorly designed or shaped cycle saddles create a lot of discomfort and pain for indoor cyclists, ranging from overall soreness to chafing, bruising, and even heat rashes. Left untreated, this pain can turn someone off from cycling indoors permanently.

One of the best gifts for a biker to reduce this kind of pain is a quality pair of cycling shorts. Specially designed to be cheap gifts for cyclists that are as fun as they are functional, these padded must-have shorts are made to account for any of the pain or chafing you might encounter on a regular cycle ride. Many cycle shorts have extra padding built into the seat of their cycle shorts to assist in reducing or softening contact between cyclist and saddle as well as featuring ventilation so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on a sweaty cushion the entire time.

T-Shirts for Indoor Cycling

One of the best gifts for bike lovers is a cycling shirt that’s both funny and designed to create effective exercise for cyclists. The dynamic, performance centered and rider-geared technology creates a comfortable cycling experience that’s personalized for each cyclist. Any cycling t-shirt can be purchased or personalized online depending on your preference and customized by style, color, size, and general performance features, including cooling fabrics, insulated fabrics, and more. Many cycling shirts are also available in fun patterns and sayings, making them a funny and personal gift for a cyclist.

Cycling shirts are essential to good workout sessions because they help wick sweat away effectively while you cycle without causing sweat or precipitation to pool up next to your skin, which could cause rashes or chafing over time. Wearing appropriate cycling equipment works to maximize your cycling performance overall as well. A cycling t-shirt is a clever and thoughtful gift that’s one of the best gifts for bike riders thanks to its practical benefits and customizable ability!

Spin Bike Computer

In a fast-growing digital fitness world, more and more people are looking to integrated technology as an easy and accessible way to track the performance of your ride, including speed, distance, odometers, mileage, time, and more, all from the comfort and familiarity of your own machine. Bike computers can offer many different kinds of guided workout feedback that ranges from immediate feedback to longer term fitness trends like typical workout length, peaks, and additional fitness support.

Spin bike computers on indoor cycling machines offer a number of other valuable fitness tracking benefits. Generating a permanent record of your fitness reports is a great way to consistently evaluate your fitness progress over time, allowing you to watch yourself grow and become more confident in your own fitness abilities. Some higher-tech versions like Bluetooth bike computers can connect wirelessly to fitness smartwatches or other smart devices, uploading data in minutes as well as helping you to connect to other fitness apps and leaderboard statistics.

Gloves for Indoor Cycling

Gloves might not make sense as an initial gift choice for indoor cyclists and are usually a great gift for outdoor cyclists. We traditionally think of gloves as designed for outdoor cycling to help protect your hands from the elements, but cycling gloves can actually be used inside as well. Cycling gloves provide several different benefits to cyclists, including grip protection (one of the best elements and tools that make them valuable for home indoor fitness solutions). The best cycling gloves should be made of sweat-wicking and performance-centered materials that have been particularly designed with extra gripping contact fabric on the inside that works to securely wrap around and connect to your handlebars securely.

The best cycling gloves provide seamless protection from calluses or handlebars and an instant connection between your hands and your handlebars, making it easy to cycle in peace without worrying about losing your balance. This can also be helpful if you’re using spin workouts that require gripping onto weights or rising on and off your bike and needing to balance on the handlebars. With grip-friendly indoor gloves for cycling, you can feel secure in your cycling no matter what you’re doing.

Fitness Mat for Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are some of the sturdiest indoor exercise machines on the market and provide powerful and consistent exercise in any season. These tough machines are made to withstand all kinds of workouts in all kinds of spaces, but as a result, they demand a lot of space and stability in order to help provide a stable and reliable base for your machine. In order to protect both your space, your floor, and your new spin bike machine, consider gifting a mat to go underneath the new spin bike

Indoor cycling bike mats are meant to sit underneath spin bikes as a protective covering that benefits both bike and floor. These mats for under spin bikes provide grip and stability to your stationary bike, making sure your bike won’t move or slip while you’re riding it. It also protects your floor from being scratched, dented, or dinged up by your bike while you ride, or from ripping into your carpet where it stands. These make some of the best gift ideas for cyclists because they’re practical and affordable as well as being a valuable and reliable part of the recipient’s exercise routine.

Spin Bike Subscriptions

These days it’s very easy to hop online and log into a virtual fitness class or subscription for your next fitness gym or trip. Forget traipsing to the gym- nowadays more people than ever are selling fitness based services online as an easy way to jump into a new fitness routine from the comfort and familiarity of their own spaces. Services like Peloton, SoulCycle, iFit, and more are some of the more popular modern home fitness workout platforms that offer thousands of guided workouts ranging from yoga to rowing to cycling to jogging and more. For the cyclist in your home who enjoys all kinds of workouts, whether guided treks or targeted spin classes, a gift subscription to a service like Peloton provides incredible access to top tier spin class options.

Paid fitness subscriptions can keep you motivated, focused, and energized through new routines and classes that are constantly changing to keep you on your toes. Having a guided voice that supports your fitness journey at every level can make the online fitness coaching process far easier for every type of athlete, especially if you’re just starting a personal fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete looking to mix up your cycling game by turning to different types of workout programs. Since many of these subscriptions can be expensive or daunting to purchase on your own, gifting a subscription, class, or membership to others is a great way to demonstrate your affection to them.

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes continue to be one of the best gifts for bike riders because of their immediate and reliable benefits to your cycling performance. Cycling shoes are an incredible performance tool for indoor cyclists because they offer consistent and reliable streamlined pedaling performance and functionality as well as better grip and traction in your pedalling motions. Top-notch cycling shoes feature cleats or other grips that clip in tightly to pedals to provide secure contact so you can focus on heavy driving strokes for maximum use. You can find different models of indoor cycling shoes for men or spinning shoes for women.

The best cycling shoe to look for as a gift should be one of the cycling world’s top-of-the-line SPD equipped models. Shimano Pedal Dynamics is a revolutionary pedalling system meant to engage with the Shimano pedalling mechanic system and streamline and power all kinds of cycling performance additives. SPD compatible cycling shoes work perfectly with SPD pedals for the perfect top-notch cycle performance. Sturdy and high-tech cycling shoes allow you to pedal powerfully and fiercely without slipping off the pedals or losing traction on your ride, making them one of the best gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

Headphones For Cycling

Stationary cycling can get boring or droll quickly, especially since you don’t have the changing scenery of the outside world to focus on and distract yourself. On faster rides, you won’t be able to bring a book or other entertainment with you, so you’ll have to get creative with your entertainment solutions. As more cyclists set up phones, tablets, or other media on their rides to track their workouts and provide additional entertainment, there’s an increasing need for wireless headphones to work with them. Wireless headphones are a great tool for all kinds of athletes because they provide instant connection to your devices without the annoyances of wires, cords, or other heavy connecting lines between your device and your head.

Wireless headphones such as Samsung, AirPods, or beats headphones can allow you to experience entertainment, coaching, and additional support on your ride all without being tied to a phone or headphone cord. You can find many different wireless headphone models on a number of budgets, so they’re a great gift to give no matter what your price range is. However you prefer to use your wireless headphones, they make a great tool for consistent use and for cyclists, so they’re one of the best presents for cyclists.

Blender and Smoothie Maker

Take your friend’s fitness journey to the final step by giving them a diet-centered fitness gift, a blender or smoothie maker. Making smoothies or other protein shakes as pre and post-ride snacks and energy boosts is fun but extremely hard to do by hand, especially as you blend many different ingredients or fruits together. If you don’t have the cash to buy premade or mixed shakes, you’re going to want your own smoothie solution available to you.

Luckily for fitness fans, there are many popular blenders that would make good presents for indoor cyclists or other bike commuters. While one of the very top blenders is the Vitamix, the Magic Bullet is also a highly powered and much more affordable blender that could be used for fitness smoothies. Along with its sister blender the NutriBullet blender, another popular smoothie maker designed to handle plenty of chunky fruits or veggies. The portable BlendJet is perhaps the most popular option for fitness junkies as it makes immediate one person smoothie servings right away, making it a great choice for protein smoothie making.

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