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Cycling Indoor strives to show you the many ways in which you can enjoy a spin bike or turbo trainer at home. From the best spin bikes in the UK, perfect for riding in the comfort of your home to the lesser known budget bikes; from proper indoor cycling clothing to useful indoor cycling accessories and part; from indoor cycling tips and guide to spin class preparation and workouts: this site will inspire you to ride indoors and discover all that it has to offer, and to always carry it in your heart ā€“ much like studio instructors do.

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Who Robbie and Sayed Are?

Robbie Ferri at cyclingindoor.co.uk

Robbie Ferri

World Record Breaking Ultra Endurance Cyclist, Spinning Instructor, Personal Trainer, Freelance Writer at cyclingindoor.co.uk.

Hey Iā€™m Robbie From Riding With Robbie, I have been lucky enough to haven ridden in many places all over the globe through a mix of travelling and bike packing races. I have worked with some of the industries biggest companies and even been involved in the designing of bikes. I love building my own bikes and enjoy ripping them to pieces to fix them. I teaching spinning, indoor cycling classes, train people all over the globe to be better stronger cyclists. I absolutely love cycling and believe everyone should have a bike.

sayed hamed writer at cyclingindoor.co.uk

Sayed Hamed

Semi-Pro Indoor Cyclist, Spinning Bike and Rowing Machine Dealer, Writer, Editor, and Founder of cyclingindoor.co.uk.

Currently based in Italy, I am the founder of yourexercisebike.com, one of the first websites completely dedicated to spin bikes and indoor cycling exercise. I am an indoor cycling enthusiast who has been involved in designing certain cycling accessories as well as importing spin bikes and rowing machines to EU market. I am also the founder of Italy-based fitness equipment brand, Rock Fitness Pro. Cycling content on this website is provided by me and by a good friend, Robbie Ferri.

Why Cycling Indoor?


Indoor cycling and spin bikes are popular in the United Kingdom. Though many plan to improve and get fit quickly in a few weeks, months may not be enough to see good results and embrace all that it has to offer.

This site is meant to become a useful resource about indoor cycling. It intends to show how to make the most of a trainer or a spin bike, despite the initial learning curve; to raise interest on indoor cycling’s unique vibe and joy; to help anybody who wants to ride an indoor bike get reliable, updated information and resources to get results and make the most of their indoor cycling bike.

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